Contests & Audience

How do you expand an audience as a self published author, when you’ve reached your limits? For myself, I’ve begun looking at contests to enter my already published book, starting with Writer’s Digest! My submission will be sent off within the next two weeks, and my main goal is to be, at the very least, an honorable mention. Even that increases my reach to new readers. I know there are more out there, and I will continue to search. With Blizzard undergoing editing, and it’s planned and on schedule delivery for May publication, I’m working on building up steam to work on Hail!

Though, I’m fried and need a break at the moment-day job and writing career (dream/plan/goals) don’t always work well together, especially when this momma has to pay bills. For my fellow authors, what contests do you suggest or are considering?

Below is the one I am entering:
Writer’s Digest

I encourage other self published authors to enter <3!


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