Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloween! The day has finally arrived for trick-or-treating, scary ghost stories, and for me…the Final Day the Snow eBook is FREE! One month has gone by in two ways for me, which are unorthodox. In one fashion the month flew by, November is Tomorrow, and I always revel in fall to winter-though in Texas it’s really just unbearably hot, constantly. Yet, in another, it seemed to crawl by. Most likely because every day I was in review of downloads and looking to see if any new reviews and/or ratings have been posted. Can’t say much in that way, but the number of downloads has been exciting. For an indie author with no marketing team/consultant hired, learning the marketing experience curve (there have been a lot of bumps in the road), and figuring out which method/path is best for publishing overall I feel all the wiser. Experience has the impact, I gather.

Still, so much more ahead, and today I will hit 50K words, and I’m getting close to being done with the first Half of the book! While I have not applied any edits, I did figure out yesterday-whilst driving to my family’s house for dinner-how to fix the beginning of the book. There are certain pieces I’m not entirely happy with, but the flow certainly cleaned up. Once I finish that first half, then I will set out to make the edits as they are all centered there, for the time being. Truly, this story has taken me on its ride, and I continue to hope and pray that it will prove to impress my readers.

The Evolution of a Story

I am 35K words into Blizzard, with a possibility for this book to be closer to 80K words once I finish. This realization comes on the heels of as I write, the story has taken me into its currents. My hope is that this is a good sign, a more robust story that introduces the readers in the history that ties into the present/future. Yet, with this robust story means more details that tie multiple characters and show how they become who the reader knows them to be from the first book, and as the author I worry whether or not reader’s will embrace this larger volume. It grows, the story that must be shared. Do I wrangle in this monster as it consumes me and my writing, or do I let it continue to evolve and allow its natural progression?

While social media, specifically Twitter, rather frustrates me it has allowed me to see (when shared) that I am not alone in these types of struggles. I cannot say that utilizing Twitter has helped with any book sales/free D/L’s, it has allowed me to connect on seeing other writer’s hardships and pet peeves, though I also cannot say that people are always as communicative as I had previously hoped. Those thoughts aside, because my point of this was…I have never had a story really take hold of me as this one has, and I have such uncertainty of whether or not this will be received positively or negatively. The struggle is real, my friends and fans! (I can say fans, because some of my readers have identified as such-completely leaving me in a humbled blush and feeling the utmost of flattery).

Ratings Roll

More reviews have been posted, and I gotta say, it’s always inspiring and reinvigorates my imagination as I continue writing Blizzard (second book of the trilogy)!

Review 1 (Amazon & Goodreads copies):



Review 2 (Amazon & Goodreads copies):



Many thanks to the reviewers who took the time to read and review Snow! I truly appreciate the time and effort the readers provide in giving their honest opinion, and as this site identifies, I am continuing this story as it is part of a trilogy, Black Ice. By the end of this month, I may yet reach over 800 Free D/L’s between Amazon (99% of those D/L’s) and Smashwords and associated retailers (Barnes & Noble, iBook).

When You’re Marketing…

My God. I could use more sleep these days. That fact aside, I have had Snow’s eBook doing a decent job for free downloads, and hoping my most recent step will only help further it’s reach! Publishers Weekly (the part for Indie Authors now part of BookLife) was one of those shining beacons I completely overlooked. Can I say I was blinded by the light, thanks to the astigmatism in each eye? Well, if not, that’s fine. I have submitted Snow to be reviewed by BookLife (previously PW for IA), and truly hoping one of their individuals will take a chance on reviewing Snow. It’s a rare chance to get a Company that is very well known for their prestige to provide a review, I know my chances are infinitesimal but it’s certainly worth a shot!

Now…I have otherwise fixed some little bugs with the setup of the website and feeling quite pleased with myself. Seems a never ending work, and reviewing the site reminds me I need to consider getting my artwork/cover designs done! I’m glad I have not yet put in for those to be produced, as I was planning a few weeks ago, because I have already considered some changes to what I was originally planning. While it frustrates me to not have images up and available for teasers, I will be patient. It’s one of those virtues, so I’ve heard!

New Twists On Old Ways

This past weekend-ish I was finally able to get back to writing. My daughter was sick for a week and a half prior, with an ER visit to boot Sunday before last, and immediately after that I was sick by Tuesday night, Wednesday morning. I can say I have not suffered in such a way in some time, and I hope to never suffer as such again! What felt wonderful, though, was my daughter’s improving health and finally mine before a big, blowout birthday weekend! Two of my nephews (from the same parents) had their birthdays on Sunday and then today, so my recovering weekend was filled with lots of family love and laughter! I did not get to write the way I had planned on Saturday and Sunday, however Friday evening I made up for any lacking I had prior during all the poor-health situations. On Blizzard I am just under/at 30K words, with a goal to write every day during the month of November, even if just five words, I must get it done. I suspect this book will be closer to 70-80K words, as opposed to Snow’s 54K word count.

I plan to have Blizzard completed by end of November, if not latest mid-December, with editing, proofreading, formatting, and cover designs all being managed in January-March! Which reminds me…I need to get on the calendars for those O_O. Having Snow’s eBook Free for the entire month of October has already been an eye-opening adventure, with 600 books d/l’d since the 3rd of October! Granted, it would be nice to have had those 600 bought and paid for, I still love knowing people have gotten the book to read. If even a small fraction of those individuals provide reviews it would be beneficial, if they Share the books, it will all be beneficial in the long haul. It’s funny…how much those reviews make an impact, though. Word of mouth has many new avenues these days.

Leap Frog Rankings

Wow, so officially three and a half days into Snow’s eBook being free, and went from being bottom barrel for downloads to this :

Product details

Originally was in the 50K+ range for Amazon Best Sellers Rank for Free in Kindle, in the Thousands for the other two categores, and I hope to continue to see the numbers improve :). Praying this is majority positive (as any writer does), and will be writing this weekend on Snow some more! Next month is my biggest push to work on completing the book :)! It’s kind of crazy how all this is going-as far as my writing is concerned. When I begin writing I become lost in that world again and the story line(s) expand. I never truly know where or how things will go in the mix, though I have a planned ending…that too, could change. That for me, however, is the fun of it -^_^-!

Results & Pie

Having listed Snow’s eBook for free has been an interesting lessons learned moment.  Between the multiple retailers/vendors that Snow is available through I have found a massive gap between how many copies have been acquired through Kindle versus the Multiple that Smashwords.com offers.  The difference is, currently, 8x as many books.  I believe this has helped me in determining how I will proceed with the next book, and what I may yet do with this book.

Switching over to strictly Kindle for the KDP Select may be my best bet, it seems.  Marketing is a strategy game, and for unknown authors, it’s all about finding the best way to reach the target audience.  Kindle seems to be blowing that out of the water.

I’m looking forward to seeing what this entire month will bring overall.  Though the books may be free it is getting into reader’s hands, and that is the ultimate goal.

I think it’s time for some chocolate pie -^_^-!

Snow eBook FREE for Month of October!

Here it is!  October is the month that you can get your eBook copy of Snow for FREE starting October 4th!

It is currently under review for the price to be adjusted to the “Free” status on all formats-Amazon included (may need some work…but I will make it happen)!

Be sure to check listed Vendors tomorrow to get your copy <3!

Barnes & Noble


Publishing of Book #2

While I would almost say I am getting ahead of myself, I will say I am not.  I’m still in the process of writing the second book of the trilogy for the Black Ice series, Blizzard, however I’m trying to plan out now the best marketing strategy and best method for publishing. Though I am still working on how to get the first book Further out there-I have a plan that will take effect later today, wait for that blog post, it’s big!(for me, at least!)-I have considered the first path I have taken.  I do not at all regret the path I have chosen, I have learned so much in a very short amount of time.  That being said…there was always another route which I avoided due to how taking that path would restrict my ability to provide my book to multiple vendors.

I am waffling between using KDP Select, which would provide me a better opportunity for some free marketing through Amazon/Kindle-this is no small thing to consider, or continue down the path of not choosing KDP Select, but keeping my options open as I have where I can publish through Amazon, CreateSpace.com, and Smashwords.com-which Smashwords.com is the biggest door opener I’ve seen yet.  Now, the downside to having the ability to place my book with multiple vendors, and foregoing KDP Select, is that on Amazon I have found I cannot list the book for FREE without completely removing the eBook from Amazon.

So here is the review of my options below.
KDP Select Pros:

  • Better marketing opportunities
    • Ability to reach more readers who utilize Amazon/Kindle
  • Still utilizes CreateSpace.com for paperback copies
  • Easier management of records/tracking/payment

KDP Select Cons:

  • Can Only use KDP Select-no other platforms/vendors possible
    • This limits my ability to reach As many readers as I could to Only those using Amazon/Kindle

Multiple Vendors Pros:

  • Opportunity to reach out to more readers across multiple platforms/vendors
    • Ex: Apple/iCloud, Barnes & Noble, Libraries, etc.
  • Can utilize different marketing campaigns-helps to determine best options moving forward
  • Lower fees than KDP Select depending on levels

Multiple Vendors Cons:

  • Can be more difficult to manage multiple distribution points
  • Reporting is not as easily managed for records/tracking/payments
  • Some vendors charge too high above the listed price

I’ve reached out on Twitter to see what other authors may have discovered.  If they participate, which I hope many will, I will be able to better plan my marketing strategy as well.

2-Stars, 1 Beat

2-Stars, 1 Beat

Here, it finally arrived. Inevitably I received a rating lower than the (minimum previously) 4-Star ratings I have been receiving on my book with glowing reviews. Gratefully I have been on twitter to read the sage advice, and seen in my own experience, how not everyone will love “your book”.  In truth it does not deter me, not as I had fearfully expected.  Instead, it has left me with a sense of encouragement, reinvigorating my desire to continue this process of writing out this trilogy. Though I wish the individual who had provided the 2-Star rating had left a written review, scathing it could/would have been, I would have liked to have seen just what it was that resulted in the 2-Star.

Perhaps I should just be glad to not have an opportunity to read such a review just yet, so early on…it remains to be seen. Regardless I have made myself busy today in running errands, accepting that someone did not fall in love with my story and characters, working on the website, and career focused work! While I have been working on the career-centered work, which I have been busy with for the last hour, I plan to work at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of writing tonight on Blizzard!

Take heart, current, future, and prospective writers! The growing process is natural and not to be so terribly feared-specifically negative reviews and/or ratings! Life goes on…