Gaining Ground & Rebounds

HOLY KALEDO’S BATMAN! Has it really been that long since I last posted here?! Life has been crazy, so I haven’t been able to do all the things I planned. However, below is a link to a blog I’ve begun journaling the experience my son, and family, have been through over the last few years, and why I’ve been so absent:

Every now and again I come back to Hail and touch it, poke it, test the waters. I need to re-read my own books (yeah, that’s still the thing), and then return to writing. First, however, I need to complete this journey with my son. I hope that anyone who does come across this takes a shot at reading this, perhaps our experiences can help others. Hail will be written, I will publish my last book in this series. These next three months are a trial, but I believe this will get my son the help he needs. Also, myself, as well. Once I know he is well, once I know how/if this helps him, I’ll be in a better place myself. We have been crossing bridges that could span oceans, at this point. Every step is in the right direction, and that includes my plans for this book, for my writing.