Snow Available for Purchase!

The day has arrived!  Snow is now Officially, fully released for purchase on both Paperback and eBook!  You can purchase the book from the following sites:

The book will also be available on the following platforms for eBook on July 31st:

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I hope you all enjoy this first part of a trilogy!

Sales, Marketing, & Sleep Deprivation!

So here it is!  The Hardcopy (it’s Paperback, to be specific) for Snow is available on Createspace and Amazon!  Yet, I still have to get the word out.  Marketing should have, by all accounts, started six months prior to release.  However, life has a funny way of not working out as we plan.  Like…when you don’t properly research because you weren’t really certain how it would all go, if at all.  I suppose that’s the beauty in life, right?  The uncertainty that manages to trip you up just as you reach the finish line and you think: I finally won.  NOPE!  Your legs go wobbly and you trip on your tennis shoes.  Now I’m running through the different marketing companies/opportunities that are available.  More money, but it brings more viewers/readers!

While it will become available on Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Apple, iCloud, and several other platforms for eBook on the 31st of July, I have to get this moving for a solid following.  It is such an odd thought, a “following”, a “fandom” (Still wonder if that really is possible).  I don’t think I’ll be all that productive with only three hours of sleep in my system from last night followed by a day that was overflowing with activity.  Still…40 minutes until I pick my boy up from “Parents Night Out”, so that’s 40  minutes of productivity I can manage!  For those that do follow, please share :)!  Spread the word, any and all help is Always appreciated!




*Disclaimer: I do not own the featured image.  It’s just hilariously accurate for how I feel about some things lately, such as marketing.  Now it’s 33 minutes to be productive…I had to find this perfect image for feeling & sharing.

Hard Copy Available NOW!

Hard Copies for Snow are now available on Createspace & Amazon!  Get your hardcopy Earlier than the other platforms!

The book will also be available on the following platforms for eBook on July 31st:

  • SmashWords
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Apple
  • cloudLibrary
  • Baker & Taylor Blio
  • Baker-Taylor Access 360
  • Inktera (Formerly Page Foundry)
  • Kobo
  • Library Direct
  • Gardners Extended Retail
  • Gardners Library
  • Odilo
  • OverDrive
  • Scribd
  • Tolino

Please be sure to share with your friends!  This is an exciting journey I have undertaken, and one I will continue on.  I plant to continue to grow in this craft, and have a world ahead with many mysteries yet to be revealed.  That’s not limited to this series, either!

6 Days & Nerves

Here it is, less than a week before my book becomes available for purchase.  Less than a week before reviews may be provided, and my nerves are beginning to twitch beneath the excitement.  I hold no regrets for doing this.   It is simply knowing those who know me, my peers, and those authors who inspire me will/may read and subsequently judge what talent I may hold.  The unknowns aren’t quite as bad, though this does remind me of the first time you get up on stage to act or sing, the first time you stand in front of a classroom of new classmates, or you meet your new director, manager, and coworkers.  It’s nervous anticipation, and I have wondered a few too many times how others before me have managed.  Then I recall the life stories of previous authors who had dependency issues and know…I can’t do that.  I have kids, a liver and set of kidneys that need me (or I need them…?).

That being said, I will indulge in a glass of wine once this book is open to public scrutiny for joy, excitement, and that nervous anticipation of what follows.  Hey, I may even spring for a slice of cookie cake!

@StephenKing I will indulge in a long moment to reflect, one day, what starting out feels like.
(**Hahaha, could not help myself.  I’m not worthy!)

Countdown…72 Hours before Pre-Order!

Oh, Yes!  My formatter sent over today, Well in advance of the deadline, the final copies of the book!  Now I’m just waiting on the cover for the hard copy.  The eBook is available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle in roughly 72 hours, after KDP has had a chance to review everything submitted.

I have been very blessed with the individuals I have working to get this together and prepared for publication.  I have been dealing with sick kids (colds/infections/severe stomach viruses) over this past week and weekend, so seeing this come in early was a wonderful surprise!

Time for happy Snoopy Dance!


*Squeal of girly excitement!*

Alright, I know I just posted about my impatience, but apparently having Some patience has paid off!  My formatter sent over the formatted copy for Print (POD), so I was able to send that along to my cover designer to adjust the hard copy cover!  It’s really been excellent timing because I have had the chance to review which way is best to publish, as there are options available for different venues.  I’ll say this: It’s beautiful.  Perhaps I’m being biased, but it’s honestly beautiful work!  I cannot wait for others to see how the inside looks, and knowing the cover and inside will be a testament to the hard work that everyone has put into it makes me feel good!  I am so lucky to be working with such talented people on this!

Having this copy available makes this all the more real, as though it was only a dream and all previous steps were leading to a closed attic door where you know a whole new reality exists beyond.  It’s one where you can pretend and dress up in the clothing stored away in the chests, find the letters of your grandparents, and great grandparents and discover their first loves.  I will finally be able to open that door and explore this new world, slightly anxious but nearly running through that threshold.

Ready or not, here I come!

Patient Chili

There was a time when I was far younger I had a nice reservoir of patience.  The amount of patience I have had and its rate of decline is directly related to Children (God, I do love my son, but he was put on this Earth to test its limits and my daughter is a whole New experiment/test from the Lord!) and pressures of work.  Though, I know myself well enough to say it was not as vast as I would like to pretend it was in my youth.

While at work I have found a better balance of my patience and calm, exerting more control, it has diminished at home.  The counterbalance that has been shifting is unfair to my family, I believe.  My impatience is like a monster, and apparently there is barely any patience on reserve for getting this book published.  With both excitement and fear of the possible success, or failure, impatience has sunk its poisonous teeth into the marrow of my bones and begun sucking me dry of all vitality.  It’s funny, wanting to rush into seeing what part of my brain has already determined will be the thrashing and degradation to my efforts as a writer.  It must stem from what is experienced in childhood.  Such as that moment in time that seems to stretch with eternity of what your punishment will be, regardless of your guilt.  Part of you wants to go ahead and have the torturous punishment dealt, and another wishes to hide away in a dark closet, never to be found.  Yet, we all must bear the weight of our choices and accept the inevitable results.

What I hope and pray for in regards to the reaction of my book is the opposite, of course.  This is accompanied with knowing not everyone will Just Love my book, which is a fact.  It’s not a possible reality, but a plain fact.  I can live with that.  Obviously I know I’ll live through any possibility, but being dramatic adds a certain zest to life, doesn’t it?  It takes away the sting because what we imagine and what generally transpires have the uncanny ability to be polar opposites, never nearly as bad as we imagine. Certainly I know I am not the only one to imagine extreme cases which are both humorous and ominous, but always more humorous when considering the multitude of outcomes.  Laughing at ourselves is, to me at least, recognizing our flaws and embracing the potential for improvement.  And there is Always room for improvement-a beautiful prospect.

Writing to Write Goo-no-bad (Kung Pow <3)

Writing is my personal outlet of an innumerable quantity of thoughts, worlds, dreams, nightmares, and the like.  Currently I am working on writing the sequel to Snow-I still have no official title picked out, it’s a work in progress-I have an outline for how I want the last two books to go, and I am in constant research mode.  Problem is I have managed to leave the outline(s) elsewhere :S.  I find myself in this anxious mode where I know I need to push through on writing this, as I have no intentions of starting this novel then stopping and waiting 7 years to actually finish as I did the current, but there’s another part of my brain that is like my son.  ADHD full throttle, where every squirrel that twitches in a tree has my attention.

I cycle through thoughts and emotions, considering all the possible outcomes because…that’s what I do best.  It is actually a core, of sorts, for my current profession.  You know, the one that pays the bills and keeps food on the table.  I’m quite effective at considering the risks, the schedule, and managing the budget.  My book could be a complete flop, and financially I would not be moved one inch.  Mentally it could disturb me, disrupt me, force me to re-evaluate either my current methodology of how I’m pumping out what I write, or reconsider my dream of becoming a successful published author.  Yet, isn’t that the beauty of the risk?  The chance that it could be a success, that first stepping stone to all other possibilities I could only hope to possible achieve?  Maybe, just the discovery one way or another rather than constantly living in the “What If/Though?” mindset.

What is it that will determine the ability for success?  The truth is that it is not Just the ability to write, and write well.  It’s not having the perfect story line and characters.  Those things are all vital, without a doubt, though I have seen success for books and stories I had considered the complete opposite.  The marketing is where a large portion of success springs from, that which I need to learn to master now.

In the end, I must also carve out time to write.  God bless those before me that with children, pets, family, love life, work-life, all the things that are understandably time consuming still have managed to pump out novel after successful novel.  When I do write I can knock out 1000 words an hour, that’s pretty standard.  There are occasions where I can produce more…guess I should do that soon.  I’ll close on this: Youtube provides such inspiring music while I write.