Surgeries, Graduation, WRITING…

How has so much time already passed?! So much good news to share, I can’t wait to write this xD! My daughter had her heart surgery May 12th – she was a ROCKSTAR! She was released 3 days post-op, she was trying to RUN in the halls the very next day! The staff at Texas Children’s Hospital is truly the best <3. The nurse who was with her during her final 12 hours in the ICU told me she would be the first child, in 26 years, that she could say was Joyful, Energetic, and Playful after her ASD Repair surgery. I can’t tell how much that lifted me heart to hear, how much good! My daughter was ready to ride her bike when she got home-which was not allowed haha!-she wanted to see her cousins, play, do Everything. Now, we stuck to all the requirements, and today she can do it all. If you don’t see her scar, you would never know she had surgery, and if you didn’t know the story, you would be in the dark she ever needed it to begin with. Thank you, to everyone has prayed and sent your well wishes/positive thoughts, they were all heard and answered!

Now, yes, I mentioned surgeries-plural, more than one. I had knee surgery, arthroscopy with lateral release and medial plication on my left knee! That was done the end of June, this is a 6 week recovery before I can begin PT, and for full recovery…it can take 4 months to 1 Year X_X. I’m recovering nicely, I do believe! I’m excited for PT, but it has been a Rough Ride, folks. On top of that, I completed school! I’m graduating with my MBA and GPA of 3.91 *_*! I’m so thankful for the opportunity I had to go back and get this done, and that I had the time to do so! There’s been a lot that’s happened the past several years, let alone the past year.

WRITING: I can finally get back to writing Hail. First things first, I will re-read my first two books to ensure I have all the characters organized in my head, their personalities, etc. The ideas for the book already rushed back, and I have my outline (which I meant to change before, but will do now), so I’m incredibly excited to get this completed! I have goals set, keeping them to myself! Once I get going again, I’ll be back to identify the progress! I can’t wait to share the rest of Neva’s story with you all <3! Let alone what I have planned afterwards…Take care, be in touch soon!

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