Review: A Court of Wings & Ruin

4 Stars. This book would have gotten 5, had it not been for one major point and two other points-if only those I would have said 4.5 and rounded to that 5. This one was the best, by far, in the series for me.

What I LOVE:
There are characters in the book that grew and took on more of life, and that includes Rhys and Feyre. My Favorite character is Nesta. Not gonna lie, she’s my homegirl, my Dawg! Hahaha And Amren! Something in their ferocity speaks to me, and I cannot look away at the beauty of that, of their flaws. Lucien has always been a character I appreciated. The FIGHTING! OH I loved it, so much more action! Far less “ingredients” in this book, thankfully, and more characters brought into the fold. Tamlin-I still didn’t really like Tamlin, but there were, as before, characteristics I can, and do, appreciate about this character. What can be appreciated most is the intricate story that Maas has created with these books, even though I still found many points where it was expected that things would work out, and it was easy to follow in that way. That there were so many “outs” that were too convenient…but I read and loved it regardless. By this book Feyre has truly grown, and I Really Liked her personality. It took, it was painful, as growth often is, and she took risks.

What I did NOT Love:
Alright, here’s the rant-y part of this review. I said it for all the previous, I will repeat it here: These Books are NOT for Young Adult! These books-especially the second book-contain Graphic Sexual Content, even this one, though majority of the small amount was in the first half of the book. The CONTENT is the problem. I don’t care what the MC’s age is, the content, for me is a Major determining factor. I only want this book to be properly classified/categorized.
Now, for the two other points that impacted my considerations for this book. First, the only thing that makes this book appear young adult is the behavior of the characters, which also lends into the second point: behavioral patterns that Every character fell into. The immature behavior is “rude gestures” and everyone sticking out their tongues. E-ver-y-one. EVERYONE. These characters, especially side characters that are marginally older and supposed to be more respectable all act like bratty teens with the behavior. I felt this was lazy and sloppy on the author’s part, as though nobody would have any other defining patterns. All the men “drawling” when they spoke, things of these nature were disappointing. For such an elaborate story, why hold back on make the characters truly individual? There were many instances it was unnecessary, almost feeling like it was more about word count than the quality.

Now I digress. I have one last book to read, the most recently released A Court of Frost and Starlight. I would suggest these books to other Adults to read. I do love the strength of the bond between Rhys and Feyre, and hope to see what happens between the remaining characters of Lucien, Elain, Cassian, Nesta, and all the gang of the Court of Dreams.

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Review: A Court of Mist & Fury

I read it, swiftly enough. I loved and hated it, same as I did the first book in some ways.

I’ll begin with the positives. Maas is a most talented story-teller, and a gifted enough writer to be appreciated. This book contains a vast array of characters, ones far more intriguing to me than in ACOTAR. This book is quite large, but reads quickly. There is so much more of the story, of the characters, to be discovered that it is a wonder and delight to discover with the characters. There came a point, about 3/4 of the way in, where I was afraid the book was going to take a certain turn and I became lit thinking it was going to end a certain way. However, it did not disappoint, and instead left me quite pleased with the turns it took, even if it felt a jagged and last minute-ish. Feyre, as irksome as I found her through quite a bit of the book, comes around and I ended up truly appreciating the growth of her character in this book. I don’t want to ruin any surprises, but I will say that I truly, overall, ended up loving this book – flaws and all. By the end of this book I was eager to read the next book to see where the story leads.

Now, let’s call out the bad. This apparently will be a Constant pet peeve of mine with this series, and I will begin by saying that I am sorely disappointed how this book is classified as young adult. There was an overwhelming amount of sexual content – both as tension and straight up, vividly descriptive sex scenes – and that there is No Way in H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS I would let my teenager’s read these books. When they’re 18, Fine Have at it! The content in itself is Not Appropriate for 14-17. Next point: Feyre is irritating, irksome, and has some weaknesses that I Cannot stand – but this goes to me, personally, my own pet peeves of other people. Still, while this may be excusable due to her age, as it was used with the first book, I feel it is a weak crutch utilized by the author. There are some (several) elements that are deus ex machina, and that was somewhat disappointing to see in a story line I thought would flourish without really needing that crutch. There were turns of phrases used that made absolutely No Sense – same as in the first – but this time a plethora of them utilized throughout, not just one. The kind that leave saying, “What? What-why-how? HUH?”

Silly things that made me unhappy:
GOBBLE. GOBBLEGOBBLEGOBBLEGOBBLEGOBBLE! My GRACIOUS! If I did a search in a PDF document for this book, I think the word “Gobble” would show up about a thousand friggen times! Where is the editor, so I may string them up for this atrocity?! There was so much “Gobbling” of things I was certain that eventually a turkey would magically appear, or maybe the MC would turn into a turkey, OR it would turn out she had been a turkey the entire time dreaming of another life just before the Thanksgiving Roast! Maybe Maas had seen Thankskilling (yes, it’s a Real movie, and yes I have watched most of it-I got some Great lines to use as a result) and had been inspired by the most terrible-hilarious-purposefully-bad made movie in cinematic history, and couldn’t get the Gobbling of a turkey out of her head. I don’t know, I do know I wish she had pulled out a thesaurus and gotten more creative with her writing.

In the end…Maas still impressed me with the story and twists that occurred, no matter how trite some of them turned out to be. This was no small undertaking, and I appreciate the applied effort and time. As a reader in general, I really enjoyed the story. I’ll begin reading the last book in the set I bought, and hope that the most recent release does not disappoint. We shall see!

((**snickering to self-I have a real problem with profanity and am trying to break myself of said problem…because my 2 yo))

Kindle Publishing & XRay

I should have checked into this much sooner, but here I am, having discovered this very late last night and just getting on board. Xray is a really awesome feature I was not aware of that provides detailed input on the Kindle ebooks for characters, places, and terms! As such, I have begun filling it out on Snow for the Characters, specifically, and will be filling it in for Blizzard, too! But it’s quite a bit of work to manage, as they are different descriptions applicable to the first two books. Guess I best get busy, eh?