Blizzard is WRITTEN!

Oh! Oh sweet, sweet relief! I have completed writing Blizzard! Yet, now, this means editing must begin. The second half of my book is in my Beta Reader’s brilliant hands and I’m waiting for word back from my cover designer-God bless her I put in a major change request to my cover she had been working so hard on :S.

I will begin applying edits to the first half starting tonight, should hopefully only take me a few short days to cover what’s been given. The book goes to my editor on February 12th! So exciting! It’s not expected to be published by mid-May. I know that’s some time away now, but it will give an opportunity for refinement and perfection!

Goodreads Giveaway Ended – Winners Selected & Blizzard Cover Design!

The Goodreads Giveaway has ended, the winner’s are selected, and the books will be ordered and sent for delivery by the end of today! It was exciting to witness how many people entered this time around. On the first giveaway, back in August, just under 1600 people entered in the course of the month-long giveaway stretch. This time, over the course of 2 weeks, 1,970 entered to win! An additional 522 people added the book to their bookshelves as “Want to Read,” on top of the original 643 that had first added it to their shelves over the last 7 months!!!

I’m so excited, and hope this is a sign of steam slowly, but surely, picking up on interest in Snow and the Black Ice Trilogy! Now…people just need to buy Snow for $.99 on Kindle, $8.83 on Paperback, or get for FREE on their Kindle Unlimited account (and/or share)!

In even Better news (to me :D!) I got the first round to review for the Book Design for Blizzard, and Oh-My-Goodness!!! I cannot wait to share with everyone <3_<3! It’s simply gorgeous, with just three modifications I have requested. Fiona Jayde is AH-MAZING! For those who don’t know that I simply Love her work -^_^-.

**As per usual…I do not own this image! But come on <3! 

Over 100K, and Growing

I’m exhausted, but excited. I have gone over 100K words in Blizzard, and have only two to three chapters remaining before its completion. I’ve been sick, thanks to my gremlin, and struggled to get better. While days late now on my goal for completion, I am feeling more confident in what I have written. I always find that my story evolves the closer I get to the ending, and though these changes were all considerations for how things could/should go, it has built the grounds for greater possibilities at the end and for the final book in the trilogy. A swirling vortex of options, too much fun!

Still, I’m ready to end this. I just find some struggle with finding the right words, the proper way to express my thoughts as it continues. It has its own life, and it deserves all the respect I can possibly provide. For now, it’s nearly midnight, and I do have work in the morning.

Closing Statements

I have finally made it, I’ve reached coming to the conclusion of Blizzard! I’m so excited, I have reached the part that I have long sought to express and detail. Presently, I’m at just under 98K words, but I must sleep. I had to stop, I have work in the morning that requires I be prepared. That part of my life requires a hefty workload in the wake of recent changes, and I always aim to do whatever I can to assist and support.

Today was spent writing, knocking out nearly 10K words-a little over 9K is what I managed, and I cannot feel anymore proud of myself than I do in this moment. Well…aside from when I complete the book and my lovely Beta Reader’s get their ingenious hands on it -^_^-! By tomorrow night, I will say possibly latest being Saturday afternoon, Blizzard will be complete. I’m so excited for all that is to be discovered!

For the Love of Children

Disappointment comes in so many options, so many reasons, and ways. Some, of course, simply cannot be helped. I had such high hopes for this weekend, and I was managing to get to that goal. However, here is that proverbial “but”, I have two kids. My son, who is 12, and my daughter, who is 16 months. My son is easy enough, he’s more than self-sufficient, a wonderful helper, though at times a little bananas (ADHD), but my daughter. HAH! There’s the catch. I love her, she is my little gremlin, I call her Nugget. Like a golden nugget, so beautiful and perfect in her natural state, if not rough around the edges.

Yet, how do either impact my work? My son, pretty much never. He enjoys his video games, listening to his music, reading, playing with his Roblox toys and the like. My daughter, well…she has some serious  health issues. Tubes in both her ears, needs her adenoids removed-anticipate that to be early this year when we have to replace her tubes (because of the adenoids), and two holes in her heart. She’ll be getting surgery on her heart most likely around her second birthday this year. Her adenoids, however, are a more prominent problem at the moment. She goes to daycare when I go to work for my day job, and as all children, she gets Everything those other babies get. So she has a cold, she has her big girl teeth (molars) coming in, she has a runny nose. She has had more colds in her 16 months of life than I’ve had in the last four years-and considering I am Constantly sick (though my tonsillectomy last month should help cure a Lot of those illnesses) that is not good.

The last several nights have been my Nugget waking up in the middle of the night, for Hours. Hours, and hours, and often she’ll go to bed after one bout, and wake up again for another round of being up, sickly, angry, for hours. It’s always about 2-4 hours, so my options for sleep, my ability is taken away. So was my writing opportunity. It’s frustrating, and exhausting. While I will still finish my book this week, my deadline is the 19th, I did not meet my planned goal. That’s what children are about, though. They come first, no matter what’s going on. Oh, I know what to do for my little Nugget. Nasal sprays, rinses, cool mist humidifier, etc. etc.

Today, this week, gives me an opportunity. A winter storm has hit Texas, and SE Texas is not accustomed to such severe winter weather as this, we are generally not prepared in the same way you would see northern states. We’re not Oklahoma, or Colorado, prepared with drivers who brave the storm and salt the highways and roadways. So, work from home I shall, while enjoying a joyful cup of hot chocolate! My chitlins are home with me, and I still have work, but I can make this work!


With plenty to be thankful for-a skilled surgeon, my Beta Reader’s, my family-I have tried to put my available time to good use. Something I have done today I have been considering for quite some time. I have already gone through and made changes to the website, including adding a page that showcases the reviews I have received and their associated ratings. I have done some updates overall to the site, and I can’t wait to see what my cover designer ( provides based on our discussions!

She is phenomenal, truly!

Now, I have 9 days to complete the second half of my book, 45K words, and a three-day weekend coming up. Beyond that, today was my first day back in the office for my day job, and this has proven terribly exhausting. By about 12:30 p.m. I could have laid down and taken a much-needed nap. Unfortunately, that feeling has not lifted. I think it would be beneficial to work from home rather than appear a slug in the office, where I can rest in between work as needed. Too late for that, it seems. Still, I feel proud of the work I have gotten done since returning just today between my day job work, my novel marketing/advertising, and the advances for my author site that I feel are beneficial.

The hardest part of self-publishing is creating your presence. In one aspect, it could be terribly revealing. In another, I know it’s necessary, but not necessarily how to do such successfully. The guidance is to create your presence 6 months to 1 year in advance-as mentioned before for my Book (similar rules), Oops, Quite late on that one! Twitter…Instagram…FaceBook. Then there is GoodReads, getting enough reviews on Amazon to help boost my book to readers, and anything else I may be missing.

It’s frustrating…part of me wishes I could shout out to the world, to people to get their attention. Building social platforms is a pain. A necessity, but a time-consuming pain that Must be done.


Congratulations to the Winners of the Amazon Giveaway for Snow!

If you didn’t win, you still have a chance through GoodReads, just follow the link below:

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And Remember! Your Rating & Review helps your author (not just me-All authors benefit from this-though it doesn’t hurt and is Much appreciated!) <3!


Forging Ahead…

It’s interesting, how talking with my Beta Reader’s drives me to more inspiration, back to my desire to write-not that it’s lost, simply to get to it in the middle of the night, when I’m somewhat heavily medicated! Haha, but really, it’s a wonderful feeling. Just added 1100 words. No major feat, but it feels good to get it done! I could continue writing, but I’m afraid the pain meds make me slightly loopy, so I’m afraid if I continued now it would get a little disjointed.

The tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy are quite an impact, but I will have everything in order in time for editing. One way or another! I have several deadlines I have created for myself, and I will not be late on these. I really am SO excited for the second half of Blizzard!!! I can’t wait to get it written and see the feedback! -^_^-