Book Excerpts

Excerpt 1:

       With ease, I picked up the dead woman’s body and disposed of it into the hearth in a single heave. To the left of the opening sat a five-piece set of fireplace tools; I grabbed the poker and stuffed in the edges of her dress. I watched as her beautiful gown immediately became engulfed within the orange flames; a hissing sound issued against my hearing. I stood for a moment as the fire tried to match the smolder in my skin; the body twitched and writhed as one last gasp came from the melting lips. The smell of her hair and burning skin would have repulsed me, but I took in three deep breaths, reveling in the glory of her death. I laughed, a deep low sound that shook my body, my very alive body, to the core.

Excerpt 2:

 “We believe you will save us from the eternity of night and
restlessness or…”
     His eyes searched across the lake, his seeking stilled as I heard footsteps shifting across the forest floor. The steps were muffled by the pockets of snow that had fallen between the branches in the direction he stared. His face became unreadable as I picked up the scent of something faint, almost familiar.
     “It’s time we make our way to our destination.” Thedryk’s face had become a dark mask; a grimace and subdued anger tightened his handsome features.
     I couldn’t move. The familiar scent had dissipated, but I was keenly aware it was important to remember, remember why it was familiar and what was to come. Only Thedryk calling my name in his deep, warm voice brought my attention back. I was
standing at the lake’s edge, icy stones beneath my feet. I had started to enter the lake, but Thedryk’s voice sounded different, a gentle command I could not ignore nor defy. My eyes had been fixated on the other side of the lake, but I realized whoever had been watching from afar was gone, and I felt certain the distance between was growing rapidly. The fear that had budded ever so lightly remained as I backed away from the lake and turned towards Thedryk again; he had already mounted and was holding the reins to my mount.
     He scanned my face with an uncertain expression. “Neva,” he said as he offered his hand to help me remount.

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