Desire & Allure!

How to ring in the prospective is the question that always seems to elude me. Yet, I feel that having the reviews I have received from kind Bloggers/Reviewers is a good place to start!  I have a few already provided with two more provided as of yesterday! I have them posted below where one is on both Amazon and Goodreads, and the other just Goodreads.

The consensus all around is that Snow is a new take on vampire genre, the one Most written about, which is wonderful to hear. I hope the next book keeps up the momentum and does not disappoint, especially with me knowing it will be much larger than its predecessor! Now, take a peak below:


Much thanks to the reviewers who took the time to read and review Snow, I am Thrilled you have all enjoyed it so much! Share the love if you will, I have the belief there are more people who would truly enjoy Snow and those books to follow in this trilogy.


Disorganized Collection

*Staring at screen in flustered manner*

How did I get like this?  Right now my book is entirely out of order.  I can’t say it’s entirely bad, but it is definitely not the greatest thing ever.  I’ve come up with several different chapters, with several different openings for this book.  The one I recently wrote I do love, but I recognize it cannot be the opening for the book. I have come up with one more introduction (yet to be written out) that keeps both the pace and excitement as the first book without completely disorganizing the timeline of the current book.

Still, the feeling reminds me of my kitchen being dirty.  I can’t stand it.  I want, and need, better organization.  This book is being developed in such a different method than the previous and for now…I can’t say how I feel about that, especially knowing I have the outline completely worked out.  Time will tell!

Social Compatibility

Currently I feel as though I am undergoing a type of experiment.  I’ve rejoined the dating world (my God what mistake have I re-made now?), but I have already found it to be enlightening.  Also, a terrible reminder to how quickly people are willing to take your money for apps/dating sites.  I be cheap folks, I’m not paying any fees :|.

That truth aside it has made me consider a different perspective of writing and publishing. Odds are there are other writers, if not all, who will be shaking their heads at me saying, “Little slow up on the uptake, eh Mikayla?”  Still…I will share this interesting view-point, maybe someone, somewhere, somehow will benefit?

We are inundated with technology on every front.  Oversharing-what’s privacy? I know details of what some people have had for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, that their significant other is cheating on them-or the other way around. I have witnessed individuals and couples who plaster their social media to make their relationships look ab-solute-ly perfect, only to hear that beneath those pretty facades they are cannibalistic in nature. Every-One has a cause they are championing in some form or fashion-though I will say this is not bad, it makes it difficult to be connected World-Wide and unable to help in every cause.  Guilt, shaming, those silent cries for help have runneth over the cup-peths.  So here is what I get to: with this diuretic flow of information comes the removal of barriers.  Some I would say are wonderful to break down, other’s need to be rebuilt faster than the pace of hackers getting into celeb’s Clouds.

The barrier to becoming a published author is one that I was more than happy to climb up, stand atop, shout at the top of my lungs this major victory, then go tumbling down the other side.  I’m pretty sure I have hit every jutting block, brick, and felt the grit of the grout on my way.  The biggest block I have hit has been the best way to get my book “out there”, which feels like nothing short of selling my body or soul.  I have this blog-I’ve read these are useless, but honestly, it’s therapeutic for me-I have the Twitter (hahahaha Yeah I can’t help myself from saying it that way!), FaceBook, GoodReads, my book is published through Amazon, CreateSpace,SmashWords and can be found on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple/iCloud, Garnders, etc.  I’m running ad campaigns and doing Giveaways. It’s frustrating mostly because…I have no patience.  I’ll be honestly, I want success NOW, because I want to write for a living from home.  I want to spend More Time with my kids-which I barely get now as it is.  I want to share these incredible stories with the World of Readers who are interested.
If a movie deal comes out of it, who am I to complain?  Seriously, that’s not all bad…

For all the media utilization, the different marketing strategies I have tried, I would say I’m glad I have done the free paperback giveaways and will Definitely do another (Hint, Hint!  Looking at the month of October *wink*), I’m still uncertain the value the Amazon advertisements have provided (Feeling like none based on sales…), and must work harder to build a “beta readers list”…though…yeah, even that is an interesting adventure.  Never use Facebook advertisement-I used it for a very short amount of time, but I gathered it was as I had heard: people being paid to click as FB charges per click.  *Shrug*  Almost made me entirely against using Amazon’s, but that’s still in trial period and proving somewhat otherwise.

Well, this has been one long blog.  I think it’s time to get to work!

Snow Reviews & Giveaways: A Tireless Effort

The first review I received (linked Here and shown below) was unbelievably positive, and while the others I have received have been positive I struggle with the marketing.  I struggle with how else to try and get people interested in reading Snow.

The struggle arises with getting back such positive responses, and feel like not enough people have it in hand.  A fellow tweeter posed the question regarding what self-published indie authors wish they had known before going down the bumpy path.  Internally I laugh thinking, “I should have packed a donut and Preparation H… *tears*”.  Yes, I am LAUGHING heartily at myself right now!  Probably more than I should be but…here we are!  It is stressful to write a book, begin working on another for release to follow in under a year, market for the first, balance the budget to afford paying and sending out the free paperback giveaways, and not drown in the daily life of Parenthood, Careerhood(these bills don’t get paid with my looks, folks!), Family-Hood, and trying to keep your street cred! ((Reference the scrape above my left eyebrow, yeah, I earned that baby from proving I got the M-cred…that Mom-Cred!…stupid tv v_v))

Below here is the very first review I received, it’s the kind a writer hopes to invoke.  Forging ahead exhilarates and exhausts me, it’s taken me to a new level of understanding for any, and all, who write.

“Wow!!! This novel is an utterly new, and perhaps even groundbreaking take on the vampire genre. I have been waiting for over a decade to read something this original! I literally couldn’t put the book down!

If you are looking for a sappy romance story… this ain’t it! This is a fantastically fast-paced adventure story that will draw you in… and then… utterly blow your mind with the completely unexpected plot twists.

Mikayla builds the visuals, textures and landscapes in such a way that really engaged me as a reader. I have a complete mind’s-eye of the whole world as it played out. Not to mention the entirely full-bodied characters that will pull you in right from the start. You will feel, see, and hear what is like to become a vampire.

Mikayla’s writing style may figuratively rip your heart right out of your chest!

I absolutely had a blast reading about Neva’s, truly unfathomable, destiny through completely unexpected and yet, utterly satisfying twists and turns.

When you read Snow you will think to yourself, Yes! How has no one thought of this before!

I think this could actually be the beginning of a whole new sub-genre of vampiric writing. It is that good!

It is absolutely original and imaginative and will leave you desperate for Mikayla’s next work of genius!!!”

Prayers Please

My family and I NEED Prayers! My sister and her husband had to rush their 1 year old son, my nephew, Wyatt, to the ER just 1 hour past now. The only thing known is that he suddenly fell limp and lifeless this morning, eyes rolling into the back his head, and unresponsive. I beg of you all to pray, send well wishes and thoughts!

The Progress Line

It is readily known and understood that the process of writing, particularly a book & series, can be long, arduous, and painful.  While for myself it’s not such a terrible experience I have found, as I’ve seen many identify, summarizing a difficult feat.  That is applicable to both individual books and having to summarize a series.  In my case the struggle being the summary for the trilogy of Black Ice.

I’m holding off on writing the summary for the trilogy so it doesn’t give away too much before this second book is published.  I’m aiming to finish up Blizzard before the end of this year and submit it for editing, proofreading, and formatting by early January.  For the cover design that may likely need to be done far in advance of the books themselves being written, with ideas already stockpiled!  It’s exciting, somewhat stressful, and an incredible learning opportunity.  I have been surprised by what all one person must do to ensure their book is read by Anyone!  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: I am thankful I have had the opportunity to learn what I have.  Now, I wouldn’t mind having an agent and publishing company, a team/individual for marketing…perhaps that may be something to look forward to in the future.

Now to continue my work: Be sure to download your Free eBook copy of Snow while it’s available through to Monday, September 11th!
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Snow eBook FREE until Sept. 11th!

You can get your FREE eBook copy of Snow through Monday, September 11th!  Download your copies here:
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You can also find copies of the book on Apple/iCloud!  Be sure to spread the word, this deal is only available through to Monday, September 11th!

You can also check out GoodReads & Amazon (not free for eBook, due to Amazon-ness) for reviews if you are curious how others have received & reviewed the book.

Snow review on Amazon

🙂 Yeah, it’s happened again, and it just…makes me feel great!

For those that are more detailed in their reviews it certainly helps me to see any limitations there may be, confusion, and insight to my reader’s minds.  All feedback is appreciated, in any form and fashion it is provided <3!

I am SO excited for this next book, and have been making some really great progress with the book :)!  It makes me both wish I could share all immediately and want to draw out the suspense!  I have considered the option of posting the opening to the book – the Prelude.  Yet, I will wait!  Something about have that fresh, full run of a book is important to myself, as a reader.  Certainly I don’t imagine I’m the only one who feels that way…and while I know others would love to see a sample, I do find that I often go back and make several revisions throughout.  Its similar to telling everyone, “I have a beautiful diamond, but it’s still in the rough (sets down a lump of coal), isn’t it just a beaut?!”

There is so much gratitude I feel in how time has worked out for me, and it feels right.  The timing, the books, everything feels like it is right in place, at the right time!  I am so thankful to those book bloggers who have accepted my book for review, I know they are all incredibly busy, and for those individuals who have posted their reviews of their own volition.  To take that time and provide the feedback helps any author to see the there is genuine joy, or dismay, at the work provided and people feel inclined, driven even, to let it be known!

Accepting the fact that not all feedback will be so positively wonderful and insightful, I will envelope all that comes my way with humbled appreciation, and hopefully a dash of grace ;)!