Changes of the tide

Almost a year ago now I almost lost my son. Another 11 days will mark when that possible loss occurred, and here we are, still struggling, but also still moving forward. Since that time life has been an impossible series of events that have left me in a state of constant change-changing how I approached my son, how to sell my house more quickly to get moved for his sake, change of how I handled my own health, every priority readjusted. These are just a few key items, ways that moved us forward. As such, I still tried writing and finishing Hail. Yet, I haven’t been able to do much of anything. I’m proud of what I have done, but I cannot, and have not been able to, put that at the forefront for completion. Instead, I’m taking a small break from finishing Hail-the pressure on myself for not having completed it yet, the pressure to write a single word further-to write something that is infinitely more precious to me, something that I pray will help other parents, family members, friends, loved ones. It’s outside of what I ever wanted to do as an author-seemingly my life story of how things go-I’m going to write a non-fiction based on what my family has been through, from my perspective. I’ve discussed this with my son, and he has given permission. I would not be undertaking this effort without it otherwise.

This will, undoubtedly, be difficult. Yet, I feel it’s what needs to be done. For those who have been waiting for Hail, I apologize for having to ask you wait a bit longer. What’s happened in my personal life started taking shape over many years, but the last two in particular have been the most grueling. If you can wait for this, wait for Hail, I promise to deliver.

I will ask for prayers, because my son needs it. I need it. Our family, immediate and extended, and friends need it. I am always praying, but always welcome those and well wishes/positive thoughts. All forms of positivity are readily welcomed.