Beta Readers…

As I am well on my way to completing the first half Entirely-I was mistaken before, I apparently still had a bit more to go-I know I need to begin collecting at least three to four beta readers. There are two readers I have that I want to reach out to, and the need to join a site to find one who is more adept than I at the editing for grammar and such. This month has not been as I had hoped, filled with sickness for weeks now and having to work remote for my day job, the one that pays my bills.

I also have plans for my tonsillectomy at the end of this year, which means I will be down for at least 10-14 days. In truth I’m more than ready to have this done, though I fear the pain that will accompany the healing process. I will have to work hard to meet my secondary goal of completing Blizzard by mid-December due to the impacts that I have had. That being said, I still believe I can make my Spring publishing deadline I have set for myself! Which reminds me…I will be updating Snow with a new file -^_^-!

Before I depart from my long delayed blog post, if anyone who reads this is interested in being a Beta Reader for Blizzard please feel free to contact me directly! ❤

To Recuperate Through Holidays


It seems completion of Blizzard will be pushed into mid-December. Between my daughter having ear infections on both sides and my getting tonsillitis (again), I have been down and out, no writing in the last week and a then some. That being said, I am planning on having my tonsillectomy done at the end of the year! That will be at least two more weeks of being “out of commission”…I say it’s nap time, folks, but I’m at my day job where I must earn my keep.

I hope and pray everyone has a Wonderful and most Blessed Thanksgiving, enjoy your food, family, and friends <3! Lord knows I will ;)!

The Crest

I finally have it done(ish). I have completed the first section with only minor modifications required-pieces that I need to finalize. I have reached 60K words, and now must complete the last half of the book!

This, I do believe, calls for some wine to celebrate ;)!

Glasses forgotten…

Seriously. I forgot my glasses at home today, so I am already suffering as I stare at the screen, my eyes straining. Too bad eyes, deal with it! So thankful for the feedback I’ve gotten on Blizzard, I was able to re-incorporate a section which I expanded upon a bit as the opening for the book. Now to consider what the first half of the book is…good, yes, that was the feedback. Yet, I’m curious to see how my beta reader(s – I have two) take to what that first half covers. Personally I feel gratified with what has been written thus far, but I still sit on the seesaw’s tipping point trying to figure out if I leave that first half in or make it out to be a separate, standalone book. I believe I will leave it as is, as it will tie nicely into the second half of the book.

Yes, I know, I keep yammering on about this but it is something I need to manage, and writing about it helps! Sorry :S!

On another topic, knowing that over 900 copies of Snow (final number being 914 downloads) over the course of October is a wonderful thing to know, but I’m even more curious how many of those 914 will share their thoughts in a review and rating. I know for myself, when it comes to classic novels I haven’t had the constant habit of sharing my review-though I try to be more vigilant in this effort, but for authors that are present and alive today I have actively shared my feedback. It will only ever be a slight fraction, I imagine. Of the 12 that were distributed in the first Paperback Giveaway I did only two gave ratings, and only one of those two provided a review (for which I am eternally grateful that both took time to do either, even the low rating). Though my books will not change the world, I do hope they sweep away most (all would be nice but everyone has different tastes 🙂 ) of my readers for a short time. Lord knows I appreciate the reprieve from this politically unstable world we live in!

Day 2 of 5…

I lay stranded on this island with its pristine white shores, lapping turquoise and white-tipped waves, and the palms shushing the turmoil inside me with the breeze’s gentle guidance…

X( It has happened again. I forgot my thumb drive, another day of missed progress!!! Things have been a little hectic at home, so it’s not so surprising. It just leaves me frustrated/angry. I shall make time this evening to write! Though I feel I am forgetting something important…*sigh*. No more delays!

Getting into Position

It has been done! *Cue thunder and lightning*

The Black Ice title to the series has been applied to the books…on the sites, at least! Oh, I should have written this weekend but…I did not. Instead I got my Christmas tree up (OH YES, I AM THAT PERSON!) and took my son to see Thor! It was glorious, hilarious, and I absolutely loved it! Yet…I did not write. With my family’s help my computer and desk have been moved into my bedroom-ideal for writing in the evening-to be oh-so-convenient. Still, I did not write, and that’s okay! I’ve made far more progress than I had anticipated, and I will keep that up. I believe I will be able to have Blizzard finished by the end of this month. Currently I have a sample in two sets of trusted hands for review and feedback, and I’m eager to hear the feedback.

Well…I’m nervous. Just as nervous as with the first. I joke and laugh at what I must do to get copies of my book SOLD and not just downloaded for free, aside from stripping nude and struttin’ my stuff on the streets with only a sign of my book. Truth be told, I doubt that will get me the attention I (my book) needs, but it does make me laugh quite a bit! So I fall back to the best “advertising”: Keep Publishing Books-Keep Writing. Yes, I believe that is the truest option, but it also costs a pretty penny to do such a thing.

For the fact that I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, I cannot settle for less than the best product beyond my writing-the editing, formatting, cover design. So-worth-it! I’m always eager to see the final product, I have worked with a wonderful team previously with Snow, and hope to work with that same team again on Blizzard!

Happy Monday, folks!

50K Words on Blizzard!

As of October 31st I officially reached over 50K words penned (typed) to Blizzard! I can’t believe it, honestly. I’m not even complete with the first section of the book. It’s quite possible the second half may be smaller, but I have the feeling that will not be the case. Eesh! Now I begin to doubt myself, I wonder…should I simply make that first of the book a stand alone? It would be a prequel without question…options and opportunities. I’m so glad I have made such progress, though.