Blizzard’s Last Day for FREE ebook!

We’ve reached the day! Today is the Last day to get your ebook copy of Blizzard Free!

…Unless of course you have KindleUnlimited or NetGalley 😁!

Readers, I hope you enjoy this journey with Neva in Blizzard, and prepare yourselves for the final book, the conclusion to the Black Ice Trilogy, Hail. Planning for release end of 2018/early 2019!

Don’t forget to share your honest reviews and ratings on Goodreads, and especially Amazon! ❤️

The Possibilities and Unfortunate Truths

Everything contains the possibility for a plethora of actions and reactions. Yesterday, as I took care of my little lady while I kept her home-sick once more, poor thing 😦 -I came across an image that lead to several written articles and blogs that disturbed me. Of course it’s very possible, anything is truly possible when considering human capacity for both good and evil, that there would be indie authors who willingly and purposefully go out of their way to trash other indie authors, but…why? I don’t understand the mentality. Do people honestly believe that by trashing another author’s writing they will improve the chances readers will instead swarm to their books?

It’s so depressing to me, that someone can be that insecure they willingly tear down others to feel better about themselves. Now, I’m not saying that has happened to me, but just the realization that it is such a problem as to warrant the heavy discussions I have read up on. This is a two-part deal of insecurity and skill. You never know the combination, because I have seen people competent and capable but fearful of being shown up, so they have torn down others out of their instinct to survive. Others simply lack the talents all together, and others only lack the confidence. I have seen this in the corporate world, I still see it occurring and I know it will continue. Personally, the ability to empathize with these individuals is impossible. Your work will speak for itself. Always. Whether that is good, or bad, it comes out in the wash. The biggest aspect to remember is that, something I mentioned in a previous blog, there will be people who either love your work, or hate it. There will be those who things is good-ish/alright, but see room for improvement. You Cannot Please Everyone. Very simple reality.

Yes, it happens-is happening even now as I write this to God only knows how many people. Whatever the cause, I hope these twisted individuals learn their lesson sooner rather than later, because Karma is not kind.

NetGalley: Snow & Blizzard

In my efforts to spread the good word about my books, I have had Snow and Blizzard placed on NetGalley. What does this mean, you ask? Why it means anyone who is on NetGalley can get the ebook copies of each/either book to read and review for Free!

Putting my ducks in a row, you can find each in the attached links below:

Here’s to the hopes and prayers that I can continue on my path of succeeding in my writing! No…not just a writing career, but in writing. I would love for writing to be all I do, but I can continue to write even if I must work another job. So long as I am afforded the opportunity to continuing to pursue my passion, I’m happy…though it wouldn’t hurt to be my career ;)!

Blizzard is Fully Released!

You read it right, Blizzard is now officially 100% available on both paperback and ebook!

Even better news: May 7th-11th you can get the ebook of Blizzard for FREE!

Now, if you have KindleUnlimited it’s always free for you, just a little FYI 😏😉!

GoodReads has the opportunity for readers to win 1 of 6 Paperback copies Blizzard running through to May 27th, so there’s that, too!

Last, but not least, readers can also access the books-both Snow and Blizzard-on NetGalley for free, to boot! Links coming soon😁❤️!

Too Much, Not Enough, Or Just Right…

As reviews continue to trickle in for Snow I’m always humored by the variation of opinions. I have been told the world building has been perfect (considering the small size of the book), others that there was too much so that it distracted from story, or others that there was simply not enough and that it jumps head-long into the story. Mind you, there are others who say it takes too long to get to the story, that there isn’t enough, or that it’s just the right balance.

I recently received a review that would be viewed as “negative”, but I just kind of…let it go rather quickly. This is not meant to be dismissive-there were a few points I could see from the reviewers side, but part of the review reflected that this particular reviewer clearly skipped the first 30-50 pages of the book, otherwise how could they Not know the answers to the questions they were asking? On that point I leave it as I found it-not the brightest crayon in the box.

Point being here: there will always be three types of reader’s feelings: Too much, Not Enough, or Just right. With that I move forward, and I have my excitement building to see how readers feel about Blizzard. Though twice the size of Snow, it’s not the necessarily the size that counts, but the content. The sheer control the story itself took on as its own living entity, and over me, that leaves me in a breathless state of anticipation.

Will readers see what has come together, what thrived and what died? The necessities and the joys, the tears and heartache that had to be born in order for the rest to be brought to life? The wonder of what the readers will expect as the ending: will I meet their expectations, or fall short? The truth is I haven’t worked out the ending, but rather have Several endings. I will begin writing here on Hail very soon, and I believe it will sort itself out as I progress.

First, I will write the first half of Hail. In completing that major task I expect the rest to metastasize on its own. I can tell you this, Blizzard did not fully follow my outline and certainly did not end how I originally planned. It became something far grander. To me, at least. The storm is building in me, finally.