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Marketing & promotion is terribly painful, but I am finding pathways that are opening some doors! One of those is Netgalley – which Snow and Blizzard are both available for reviewers through!

  • Snow is available up until August 2nd
  • Blizzard is available up until November 2nd

If you, or anyone you know, uses Netgalley here is a golden opportunity to get the books for free to read and review! Please remember to post your honest reviews to both Goodreads and Amazon! It makes all the difference.


And so she writes…

It’s hard. It’s just simply hard to write lately. There has been so much to happen in the last Few months, especially the last month and a half, that I wonder if I even have it in me to write anymore. *Dramatic Exhale*

Still, I sat down and began writing today. It’s just not flowing how I would like, but I can go back and modify that. The point is: I’m doing it. I’m writing, because it needs to be done. I suppose sometimes it’s forging ahead, even when hurt and fear are screaming for you to stop. It’s not letting discouragement or the negativity-either within one’s own life or external-bury me at Least 6 feet under…even though it could definitely be the depth of the Earth’s core, in truth.

Being a writer, in any facet, takes a certain resilience, and while dealing with all this unfortunate life-stuff…I will meet my goal to release Hail by the end of this year/early next year. I want to release it by early December, if possible. Which means, based on my Very large outline, I need to get crackin’!

**Motivational memes below**

The Outline…

I have created the draft outline for Hail! It’s still an initial draft and I have a few tweaks to make, a few pieces to implement, but I have it <3! It may seem silly, but this is a major feat for how much I have struggled with what to do, whether to just begin writing or finish fleshing out the outline. The outline won, I tried just writing. This time around, I have had to create my outline. Next step: work out the details for how 4 characters to came to be in the overall story. Final step: determine which ending I will choose for the book…this may came at the end after I have written the majority. That’s how it worked with Blizzard. The story itself took over the air in my lungs, became my breath and vision. My deepest wish is that this will be the case with Hail, to experience that again. Because, I feel that is how the process should go, how writing should turn out.

Writing, when it flows, is just as breathing. I cannot live without it. It is the element my life has been missing for too terribly long, and to know now what it means to actually breathe, to live, how can anyone go back from this experience? Everything must come out of my mind that has been building, and there is so much to share! I of course hope and pray for wild success, if it’s deemed to be part of my life, but if others can enjoy what I produce, all the better.

While creating the outline is essential, I feel that ache to breathe again. It’s something my body craves, desires, requires! Bittersweet release that can be painful and beautiful, and I wonder what that very something is for other people.

Coming soon…Hail.


Blizzard: Reviews & Ratings, and the Creative Process

It feels so good to see just how much people have been Loving Blizzard! The praise makes me blush, and of course boosts my self-esteem to new, unknown heights. Mainly, it’s reading how the story has swallowed up the readers that gets to me the most. It means what I wrote has reached other individuals, they have seen what I envisioned and it has moved them. What-an-honor!

I know I certainly enjoyed writing Blizzard and, as things are semi-settling down in my personal life, the rumblings have picked back up for how and what I want to say and do in Hail! It’s such a strange experience, what I go through, figuring out what I want each book, each story to say and unfold. One of the biggest issues I have had is how to end Hail and the Black Ice Trilogy. I don’t want to leave my readers angry or feeling left out in the cold, but there will be some heartbreak. There will be decisions that cannot be altered, but execution has remained that empty, black hole where my ideas get sucked away, never to see the light again. Or…so I thought. That black hole is starting to close up, and I can see the bottom-gray though it may be. I have figured out Eliza and Zachariah, and Xavier. I have an idea about Helsing, and Neva and Thedryk. Reegan has a special fate, and I’m looking forward to writing about his outcome. Ideas for each and all come in these waves that swallow me up, roll me around and either thrust me out into the blinding, brilliant light of the sun, or drop me head first into the rocks at the cliffs edge. Either way, something of value comes out of the process!



Congratulations to the Goodreads Giveaway Winners for the 1 of 6 Paperback copies of Blizzard! The books have all been ordered and will be arriving in the next 1-2 weeks!

To the readers who have won, I do hope you enjoy and please share your honest Ratings & Reviews on Goodreads and Amazon! For those who did not win, you can still get your copy of either eBook or Paperback through Amazon! It’s FREE with your KindleUnlimited account ;)!


Also-Happy Memorial Day, God bless those whose lives were lost, those sacrificed. Friends and family alike, you are not alone <3.


Good morning, Lovelies! It’s been a while since I posted, and I wanted to share in why that is, exactly. I’ve had a lot of turmoil in my personal/family life over the last two weeks (and 10+ years) that has overtaken everything. The struggle has been real, but things seem to be leveling out a little. That being said, I want to touch on the importance of what caused the turmoil: Addiction.

Now, I’m writing about this because I believe it’s important to let other people know they are not alone in their struggles. Whether it is you yourself struggling, or a loved one who is suffering: You Are Not Alone! In my situation it’s a loved one, and it’s been going on for well over 10 years now. The biggest obstacle to overcome is the individual recognizing they have a problem, and then of course the next is accepting they need help, and getting said help. The heartbreak experienced by the addict, and the heartbreak caused by their impact on Everyone in their lives can be…well, overwhelming. Below I have a link that can give some guidance on how to work through the problems, how to deal, and where to find help.

For me, this situation compounded a level of stress that was already bogging me down. It’s kept me from writing, from functioning properly in my home life and work life to full efficiency. I’m getting help for these personal issues and to address the stress of the loved one, and if you have similar feelings/situations don’t be afraid to get the help you need. The resources are there and available, make time and take care of yourself. It’s OK to take care of yourself! As a single parent, I’ve struggled to simply make time to do this, but I’m making it happen because I know I need the relief.

The loved one I have that’s afflicted with addiction is working on getting help, and I am trying to keep my faith. That’s not easy when I’m so angry with God, right now. However, I am trying to maintain that because I have seen, and experienced, that God is present. Everything has always come together in the end in ways that are awe-inspiring for me. Yet, even if you don’t believe in God, there is support available for yourself, and for your loved one’s. There are options to help alleviate your stress, to help work through the problems that suffocate you. You are not alone, and you don’t have to bear all the responsibility, all the hurt, alone.

This is not easy to write about, it’s flat-out depressing to think about, but I hope that this gives someone a little light where they may be experiencing a consuming darkness.


Blizzard’s Last Day for FREE ebook!

We’ve reached the day! Today is the Last day to get your ebook copy of Blizzard Free!

…Unless of course you have KindleUnlimited or NetGalley 😁!

Readers, I hope you enjoy this journey with Neva in Blizzard, and prepare yourselves for the final book, the conclusion to the Black Ice Trilogy, Hail. Planning for release end of 2018/early 2019!

Don’t forget to share your honest reviews and ratings on Goodreads, and especially Amazon! ❤️