Check In & Recovery

Wow, has it already been 5 months since my last blog post?! I am Waaaay behind folks! Sorry about that! Things here have been crazy, sold my house and moved (after only a year at my last home), preparing for my daughter’s open heart surgery, and I’ve been super sick the last few weeks. Fun ER visit, need to see a specialist for my kidneys, need knee surgery, and taking care of my son – he went to a special school, been gone for a month and a half, and comes home weekend after this next. I have Missed my bumblebee!

That aside, I have put off ALL my writing until after I complete my MBA! I KNOW! I’m terrible, I’m sorry! However, I found I was stretching myself far too thin, and it has taken quite a toll on my health and family. I know I will finish up Hail before this year is up, but my focus until after I graduate in July is to get my children’s health in order, my health taken care of, and school complete. It drives me crazy to put off my book, and the other one I was planning I’ve put off for personal reasons for the time being. My thoughts constantly drift back to what I need to complete for Hail, what I want to do, but I will be re-reading my books before I begin writing again. Crazy as this sounds-I’ve always been this way-I forget things, details, that are important. Yes, even from my own books I’ve written! Praying my awesome ladies will be available when the time comes to do a read-through for me, I have (shamefully) not been in touch with Anyone :S. Not a personal thing, but my life has just been an insane amount of…insanity! I figure one day I’ll write about all that’s happened. We’ll see.

Please know, I still think of you all and can’t wait for the day I can share this last book with y’all! Time for school now, I had missed my planned blog posting date due to having been so sick, which landed me in the ER :X. Three antibiotics later, and I should be on the road to recovery.

Last thought…I had seen, and had it shared with me, that Kindle is now doing a special thing called Kindle Vella. This allows for the publishing of stories one episode at a time. I love this idea, and may have something for it. We shall see…time will tell!

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