Book Review & Outline

I was lucky enough to have the wonderful C. E. Clayton read and review Snow, and you can find her review below!

C. E. Clayton

Highly suggest you give her series, The Monster of Selkirk, a read! Clayton is a masterful story-teller, having created a wonderful world with vibrant characters to fall in love with. I certainly have, and am awaiting the release of the remaining books to the series.

In other news, I’ve been working on the outline for the final book of the Black Ice Trilogy, Hail. Fleshing out the structure for a book has always been an interesting experience for me, and after some research I found some guidelines that greatly helped me to find the proper way to work out the bones. Putting the meat on said bones is the fun part, the infuriating and frustrating piece that can occur at break-neck speeds, or suddenly halt and tease as a snail in a sprinting race. What I am working on is how I want the series to end. For my first novel of this trilogy, I did not have an outline. I found with Blizzard it was useful just to write it out, but I did not really reference back. Once I had it written out it was set in stone in my mind. This, I am finding, seems to be my path in move forward!


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