Beta Readers…

As I am well on my way to completing the first half Entirely-I was mistaken before, I apparently still had a bit more to go-I know I need to begin collecting at least three to four beta readers. There are two readers I have that I want to reach out to, and the need to join a site to find one who is more adept than I at the editing for grammar and such. This month has not been as I had hoped, filled with sickness for weeks now and having to work remote for my day job, the one that pays my bills.

I also have plans for my tonsillectomy at the end of this year, which means I will be down for at least 10-14 days. In truth I’m more than ready to have this done, though I fear the pain that will accompany the healing process. I will have to work hard to meet my secondary goal of completing Blizzard by mid-December due to the impacts that I have had. That being said, I still believe I can make my Spring publishing deadline I have set for myself! Which reminds me…I will be updating Snow with a new file -^_^-!

Before I depart from my long delayed blog post, if anyone who reads this is interested in being a Beta Reader for Blizzard please feel free to contact me directly! ❤

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