Complete Progress, Instagram, Number Count

This has been a crazy adventure! Writing Blizzard has been eye-opening and exciting, so many thing I want to ensure I incorporate and my book having reached 70K words, and I still have to complete the second half of the book! My first Beta Reader will receiver their copy this evening to begin, and while I know I am breaking a few rules on how to do this, I know there is also some wiggle room. All dependent upon the desired result!

Now, to try and help with the marketing/advertising angle I have taken a page from a fellow author, C. E. Clayton, and opened up an Instagram account. What makes me nervous is that…I will eventually/soon be posting a picture of myself. Part of the reason I had avoided it thus far was for personal reasons, but I figure it won’t hurt at this point to do just that. This means even this site will be updated with a photo of myself, which in turn means I may end up getting some “professional” photo’s done. Something I hate, but it has been pointed out that people like putting a face to a name. Especially an author. I have made, what I feel is, exceptional progress considering how long I was unable to write during November.

Time to start reaching out and requesting saved slots with my editor, proofreader, formatter, and cover designer! ❤ I pray they are all available, because I find them to be spectacular :).

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