Publishing of Book #2

While I would almost say I am getting ahead of myself, I will say I am not.  I’m still in the process of writing the second book of the trilogy for the Black Ice series, Blizzard, however I’m trying to plan out now the best marketing strategy and best method for publishing. Though I am still working on how to get the first book Further out there-I have a plan that will take effect later today, wait for that blog post, it’s big!(for me, at least!)-I have considered the first path I have taken.  I do not at all regret the path I have chosen, I have learned so much in a very short amount of time.  That being said…there was always another route which I avoided due to how taking that path would restrict my ability to provide my book to multiple vendors.

I am waffling between using KDP Select, which would provide me a better opportunity for some free marketing through Amazon/Kindle-this is no small thing to consider, or continue down the path of not choosing KDP Select, but keeping my options open as I have where I can publish through Amazon,, and is the biggest door opener I’ve seen yet.  Now, the downside to having the ability to place my book with multiple vendors, and foregoing KDP Select, is that on Amazon I have found I cannot list the book for FREE without completely removing the eBook from Amazon.

So here is the review of my options below.
KDP Select Pros:

  • Better marketing opportunities
    • Ability to reach more readers who utilize Amazon/Kindle
  • Still utilizes for paperback copies
  • Easier management of records/tracking/payment

KDP Select Cons:

  • Can Only use KDP Select-no other platforms/vendors possible
    • This limits my ability to reach As many readers as I could to Only those using Amazon/Kindle

Multiple Vendors Pros:

  • Opportunity to reach out to more readers across multiple platforms/vendors
    • Ex: Apple/iCloud, Barnes & Noble, Libraries, etc.
  • Can utilize different marketing campaigns-helps to determine best options moving forward
  • Lower fees than KDP Select depending on levels

Multiple Vendors Cons:

  • Can be more difficult to manage multiple distribution points
  • Reporting is not as easily managed for records/tracking/payments
  • Some vendors charge too high above the listed price

I’ve reached out on Twitter to see what other authors may have discovered.  If they participate, which I hope many will, I will be able to better plan my marketing strategy as well.

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