2-Stars, 1 Beat

2-Stars, 1 Beat

Here, it finally arrived. Inevitably I received a rating lower than the (minimum previously) 4-Star ratings I have been receiving on my book with glowing reviews. Gratefully I have been on twitter to read the sage advice, and seen in my own experience, how not everyone will love “your book”.  In truth it does not deter me, not as I had fearfully expected.  Instead, it has left me with a sense of encouragement, reinvigorating my desire to continue this process of writing out this trilogy. Though I wish the individual who had provided the 2-Star rating had left a written review, scathing it could/would have been, I would have liked to have seen just what it was that resulted in the 2-Star.

Perhaps I should just be glad to not have an opportunity to read such a review just yet, so early on…it remains to be seen. Regardless I have made myself busy today in running errands, accepting that someone did not fall in love with my story and characters, working on the website, and career focused work! While I have been working on the career-centered work, which I have been busy with for the last hour, I plan to work at least 30 minutes to 1 hour of writing tonight on Blizzard!

Take heart, current, future, and prospective writers! The growing process is natural and not to be so terribly feared-specifically negative reviews and/or ratings! Life goes on…

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