Blizzard – New Price & More

This past month has been the longest year of my life. No joke. What the what January 2019?!

First, the exciting news -^_^-! Blizzard eBook is now for sale for $2.99, reduced from the $4.99! WOOO!

The disappointing part of my news: I’ve not written anything this month. Nothing. Hail is in suspension because this month has been tumultuous, to say the least. The good news? Things are getting better, and will continue to! I will MAKE TIME even if I have to bribe my children. It’s going to happen, I can’t help how things are. Anybody else ready for a vacation to a tropical island? I’m there, man! I’m there!

My reading…I’m trying to get better with making time to read because that’s how writers learn and grow as well, outside of writing. Plenty of reading. I have so many books to read…which shouldn’t make me as sad as it does right now :S. Honestly overwhelmed, big changes occurred in January (job role change at work, traveled outside the US for the first time, got food poisoning during it, ended up in urgent care-insanity), and big changes just this upcoming week. How do people function? I have kids, I have a job, I’m starting to lose my grip on sanity, and what I Really would love to do would be to write full-time. I want to write and complete Hail so I can begin my next set of books and plan to get those traditionally published. Jesus help me, I need all the help I can get!

Alright, that’s it for now. Was thinking of doing a special giveaway for a copy of both Snow & Blizzard, or just hosting a giveaway through Amazon for Blizzard…haven’t done that yet. Wish I had more time to be more active with my social media, but I will try to be more consistent with my blogs. I think I need to set some serious, hardcore goals for February regarding word count on Hail. Yeah? Maybe? We shall see…I hope everyone is doing well <3!

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