Closing Statements

I have finally made it, I’ve reached coming to the conclusion of Blizzard! I’m so excited, I have reached the part that I have long sought to express and detail. Presently, I’m at just under 98K words, but I must sleep. I had to stop, I have work in the morning that requires I be prepared. That part of my life requires a hefty workload in the wake of recent changes, and I always aim to do whatever I can to assist and support.

Today was spent writing, knocking out nearly 10K words-a little over 9K is what I managed, and I cannot feel anymore proud of myself than I do in this moment. Well…aside from when I complete the book and my lovely Beta Reader’s get their ingenious hands on it -^_^-! By tomorrow night, I will say possibly latest being Saturday afternoon, Blizzard will be complete. I’m so excited for all that is to be discovered!

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