Getting into Position

It has been done! *Cue thunder and lightning*

The Black Ice title to the series has been applied to the books…on the sites, at least! Oh, I should have written this weekend but…I did not. Instead I got my Christmas tree up (OH YES, I AM THAT PERSON!) and took my son to see Thor! It was glorious, hilarious, and I absolutely loved it! Yet…I did not write. With my family’s help my computer and desk have been moved into my bedroom-ideal for writing in the evening-to be oh-so-convenient. Still, I did not write, and that’s okay! I’ve made far more progress than I had anticipated, and I will keep that up. I believe I will be able to have Blizzard finished by the end of this month. Currently I have a sample in two sets of trusted hands for review and feedback, and I’m eager to hear the feedback.

Well…I’m nervous. Just as nervous as with the first. I joke and laugh at what I must do to get copies of my book SOLD and not just downloaded for free, aside from stripping nude and struttin’ my stuff on the streets with only a sign of my book. Truth be told, I doubt that will get me the attention I (my book) needs, but it does make me laugh quite a bit! So I fall back to the best “advertising”: Keep Publishing Books-Keep Writing. Yes, I believe that is the truest option, but it also costs a pretty penny to do such a thing.

For the fact that I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, I cannot settle for less than the best product beyond my writing-the editing, formatting, cover design. So-worth-it! I’m always eager to see the final product, I have worked with a wonderful team previously with Snow, and hope to work with that same team again on Blizzard!

Happy Monday, folks!

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