Review & News: The Monster of Selkirk Book VI The Wrath of Silence

I finished reading C. E. Clayton’s The Monster of Selkirk Book VI: The Wrath of Silence, below is my review!

If you have not read this series, Do It NOW! Loved it. Wonderful read!

Now onto some news…I hit 50K today in my writing! Finally! HAH! Also, I signed up for school again-starting back in August for my MBA, and should have a job by the end of July -^_^-! I was laid off during all this COVID-19 insanity, but not to fret. All is well. Managed to get both my children’s surgeries handled, my daughter’s revision of the original surgery (herniated belly button-got infected 😦 ), and moving ahead in life. I’m loving what I’m writing, and so happy to be moving onto my next read: Brother Thomas and the Guardians of Zion The Guardians Crest by Michael Chrobak! It’s WELL overdue for me to read it, just so much has happened in my personal life this year, and over the last 8 months now, I wasn’t sure how I’d get anything done! Not expecting to take nearly as long to read this as I did Clayton’s work, but that was not the books fault-it was definitely mine (and life, curse you 2020!). Who is ready to move forward?

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