Moving, Corona, and Pandemic – Also, Blizzard eBook Free 1 Week!

Has it been that long since I last posted? Yes, indeed, it has. Crippling life situations, all Prior to COVID-19 crash landing on US shores. I sold my house, bought a new one, got moved, and reno’ed the new place. It’s been the equivalent of my life, a series of mentally and emotionally violent and traumatizing experiences. The things that prompted this move and these changes is still an ongoing battle, and it always will be. That’s the scary/hard part. I’ve taken Short-Term Disability Leave from work to try and deal with all that’s gone on, but I took it at one helluva time! My last day in office, before the STDL began, was Friday, March 13th. Friday the 13th. I suppose that should have been my first clue! Hahaha Irony at it’s finest!

This time off was meant for me to get mentally and emotionally well again, to give my body a chance to get right, as well. Instead, schools locked down pretty much immediately, and here we are with Shelter in Place. I’m thankful that it’s there, found my little Nugget’s heart has not gotten better. She has ASD, she had two holes-1-9mm and 1-3mm, have combined are gotten slightly larger to 13.5mm. And here came Corona virus, like a battering ram. I have to worry about every cold my daughter gets because of her heart, she has excess blood. This means even with regular colds she can easily get pneumonia. Then this. It feels like a “FML” moment. That aside, I was planning on working on my last book, Hail. Planning, key word. Both kids are home, and there is no writing. There are walks through the neighborhood, movies, homeschooling, trying to keep the family together and separate at different times. Still, I’m thankful. I have a home with heat and a/c, I have a pantry, fridge, and freezer filled with groceries, running water, internet, electricity, and basic comforts. I’m afraid, though. Because people are running around, flocking to beaches and parties.

So here we are, in the time of natural selection. Where the process of elimination will take root, but who else will be impacted by these imbeciles? Italy and Spain have had near, or at/over, 1k PEOPLE DYING DAILY. China is most certainly lying, still. What can any one person do? I pray, I keep my family safe at home, I get us out on family walks (bike ride for my toddler), and do everything I can to maintain some form of normalcy.

For my writing, I’ll have to start securing time late at night to write, take advantage of my 6 week STDL while I can. Perhaps it will help me, too, to feel some iota of normalcy. I’ve also been working on my Thomas Kinkade (Disney Beauty & the Beast) puzzle. I love doing my puzzles, very therapeutic.

All that aside, Blizzard’s eBook will be FREE starting WEDNESDAY! April 1st-5th! What better time to catch up on reading and writing?!


Truth moment: I have been playing Animal Crossing Island and started Zelda: Link’s Awakening two days ago…I should be able to beat it tonight! Hahahaha I’m sorry, not sorry. It’s helped me some. Do what you must!

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