A shuffled game…

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was pretty darned good, all things (F-YOU MIGRAINE!) considered :).

Good Lord. I  need to stop saying, “Could things get any harder?” Because life is LEGIT taking that as a personal challenge! Good news first: I’ve been a busy bee writing, and will continue to do so tomorrow :). Painstakingly slow, but I’m getting further along.

The…rough patches. Trying to sell my house and buy another…during the time of year it’s slowest, but all necessary. All stressful. I understand when Gob Bluth says he made a terrible mistake. Real deep, it’s kinda hurtful I understand it so well.

Migraines:  sweet mother of mercy give me relief! I’ve been through the gambit of medications, reached the point now where…it’s botox. BOTOX shots in my HEAD! Nope, not cool brain, NOT COOL! Two weeks back now I found out I was quite allergic to a medication, that was a fun ER trip. Still…it’s been a bit crippling. It’s been a major wrench in my writing progress, unfortunately. The reality is, I’m tripping over my words all the time as of  late. Written, spoken, thought. Forgetting things-I eventually remember, but it’s several, constant bouts of temporary memory loss of things, which is in turn impacting my writing. If life were a physical being, I would have choked it out for this garbage! Oh well. Onwards and upwards…upwards and onwards? Oh, you get the  gist!

My plan is to knock out an almost ridiculous amount of writing tomorrow, after I have a showing of my own home and see another while that’s happening. And my keyboard is messed up, no thanks to my son. Monitor is crooked AF now too. Not a happy mom, not a pleased author, and feeling the feels real strong these days. Should make for excellent material, no?

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