Coming Home, The Feeling Of

There is something so beautiful about writing. I don’t believe I am the only writer to feel this way, returning back to the work in progress and re-reading what I have already produced feels right! It is something I have missed far more than I realized. It is that feeling of coming home, being where I belong, and I must continue to make this house my home for all my days. The plethora of ideas that have been tumbling from my imagination the last few weeks has been awe-inspiring for me.

As I review what I have already written, and refine some pieces as I go, it makes me giddy! For what’s ahead, I am ecstatic to finish this work. Not to be “done” with it, but to see that final product and present it to the readers. I hope it does not disappoint, that with each book I have written and publish it is a constant state of improvement.

Loving this.

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