The middle aged & the exhausted

What a time to be alive! Am I right, or what?! So much has been happening it’s hard to keep track of everything going on, and stay on top of the things that matter most in the order of execution. Work has been churning like the ocean beneath a hurricane, the entire seafloor (my life) has been changing in tumultuous ways, but I’m fighting to make it work. Chiari Type I has been a big impact to my life this year, and I’ll be seeing a Neurosurgeon next month, with testing this month. School started today, and I have a High Schooler! X_X That’s too much for my day, but nothing I can do to change it. Just praying he has a good day.

Writing, writing has not happened, but that’s mainly for the fact that work has gone from a stop, to I have an overwhelming amount in my lap. I also went out of town the last two weekends with my kids – making memories before they’re gone. Again, teenage son is in High School!!! Surgery is scheduled as well for Friday after next, so there’s that. Now, that means this weekend and next my daughter will be gone. This means opportunity to write, and I will be taking that opportunity in as fully as I am able! You know, as a writer, that you miss your craft when you are Dreaming about it, when you think, “Hey, I wanted to see where that story went!” Great feeling, knowing that’s going on, and I have so much to do to finish this last book! Of course, after I finish this series, I will be working on the next series of books, though these will be for children – I’m flip-flopping between 7+ or 12+. The age range will determine how I write these books, and the level of detail (gore) I can feasible incorporate. I love the idea of starting out with 7+ and moving on to 12+ as the character grow/age, but not sure how that will be received, would like to review other books for guidance.

Closing: I will finish Hail. I will get sleep. I will find a way to get better, and Be Better!

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