Changing Tides

Over a year ago I started working on Hail. The tragic reality is, I’m just 8400 words in, and haven’t been able to do what I should have done, what I had planned to do, in that 1+ year timeline. This is disappointing to me, but also to my readers. Here comes the news, though. Major changes have been happening in my life, and good things overall!

Last week I put in notice to my current job of 5.5 years that I was leaving, I have accepted a new opportunity with another company. What does that mean, how is that good? Doesn’t a new job mean more heavy lifting, front end especially? Yes, but, new job is half day every Friday! That means every Friday, I will have 4 hours, minimum, to myself, and I can WRITE! I’m working out a schedule for myself on how to get this book written, and get it published ASAP. It’s been a rough year, over the past year. To make it to this point, where things are finally falling into place and truly improving, gives me such hope!

Nothing will ever be easy, but it there is always opportunity for improvement, and I am seeing that more clearly every day. Beyond changes in work life, I will be following up with my neurologist soon enough. MRI on Monday, blood work completed, praying for all positive and/or at least some answers. There is a song that has been playing in my head today that makes me laugh, in an ironic manner. Time Marches On by Tracy Lawrence.

I’m a Texas woman, love me my country music – 80’s & 90’s are my favorite. Have a wonderful day everyone, I’ll be getting this book in order and out the door before you know it!

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