In a months time

Everything happens for a reason, I firmly believe that. The past month (and a half) has proven a difficult time. This weekend hit me with some unexpected surprises that will be impacting when, and how, I can get things done. Especially for my last book, Hail. I’m working through changes at the moment to mitigate these issues, praying I can find a solution in a timely manner. I am incredibly impatient with these types of matters – I know this. It’s frustrating to work so hard and end up with only more loose ends to tie up, constantly watching things unravel.

Yet, as Walt Disney is quoted as saying, “Keep Moving Forward!” (Thank you, Meet the Robinson’s – one of my Fave Disney movies that makes me cry every time <3_<3)! I don’t know how, but I WILL figure it out. With time, the outside factors that have crushed me will dissipate. Hopefully. Praying you lovely reader’s are too terribly disappointed with me, but as I said, everything happens for a reason, and I see the very good reasons why things have not worked out as planned with this last book and timeline. Praying the decisions I have to make in the short-term are the correct ones. Could use a reduction in the stress department.

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