The silence is deafening…

Pain arises in so many forms. The last two months have been an amalgamation of such forms. Work, emotional, physical. Long story short, ER visit resulted in the news I need to see a neurologist. That appointment won’t be happening until the end of April, that was the earliest I could get an appointment.

Sad story bit, I haven’t been able to write. Feelings stemming from this unfortunate reality, I want to burn some buildings down. Flip some tables!
For those who have been waiting (so incredibly patiently), I’m sorry. This is an issue that I will be resolving by setting time for myself on my weekends. It’s the only time I can do my writing now. This month brings my daughter’s cardiologist appointment, a mentally and emotionally draining experience waiting to see if surgery happens this year, or another year of waiting. It is frustrating having the final story constantly playing around in my head.

Personal goal for myself: get active again with my writing and social media.

2 thoughts on “The silence is deafening…

  1. Mikala, I can definitely relate. I’ve spent the last 7 weeks feeling either like I was going to pass out or very unsteady. Not dizzy, just unbalanced. Of course, some people would say I’m unbalanced anyway. After seeing our internist, neurologist, and cardiologist, we’ve finally figured it out. Monday I get a brand-spankin’ new technology pacemaker that will be implanted into my heart. So no lump to spoil my cleavage! People say I’ll feel like a new woman. I sure hope so. Maybe I’ll even start writing again!

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