Blizzard, Completed Certification, and Beta Readers!

Many thanks to Booked J for taking time to read and review my book, Blizzard! I love sharing reviews such as these, and making sure other reader’s have a chance to see what other works the reviewer has shared! Check out the review Here! =^.^= I am humbly flattered, and excited, as well! I took my Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification testing this past Friday and Passed! Now I can shift my free-time focus to writing Hail! I, myself, am so ready to get back into the swing of this process. With all that this year has wrought, I am counting my many new blessings, and aim to provide the best book yet with Hail. 🙂 Thank you, for all the love and support my reader’s have brought! I am one lucky author! ❤ If I don’t post beforehand, have a wonder and Blessed Thanksgiving!

Quick FYI, I’ll be looking for Beta Readers by the end of December ;)!

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