Blizzard on Netgalley – Ending Soon – And Then Some!

There are only four days left until my surgery. Two until the Halloween party. The more important date for you all, the countdown that matters more, is that in 8 Days Blizzard will be archived on Netgalley! You can access it Here, and get a Free ebook copy for you to read and review! Don’t miss out -^_^-!

For me the exciting news is seeing the downloads every day for Snow – as it is Free and available on All ebook platforms! Or at least almost all, anywhere you can find it ebook it’s free ;)! The steady flow, though miniscule in numbers, is a positive sign. What matters about the upcoming surgery will be my opportunity to sit and focus on writing Hail, as anything else I would normally like to do will be limited. I’m nervous, though. I’ve been given, by numerous people, several warnings of the pain to expect, the discomfort, and explicitly told to treat the recovery as if it were a C-Section X_X. Yeah, that face there is me when I consider the implications. Well…I’ve dealt with worse pain before, so I can make it through this! No matter, the gallbladder has to go no matter what, and before it ruptures :S.

A positive note, I’m slipping out of the weird funk I had been in for the last several months. Today I started to do that thing that I have always done, narrating in my mind as I walk or drive, describing people I see in my mind through various types of characters. I know I’m not the only person to do this, but that’s how I know I’m getting back to where I need to be in order to write Hail. The 2nd quarter of this year was rough. I know that’s been the biggest impact to my life, but it’s turning around. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This is MY time of the year! November 1st, my Christmas decorations will be up-with the help of my sister xD! I’ll be fresh out of surgery so you know…but I owe my mother thanks in advance for all of her help with what’s coming, and my muffin (sister) as well! Family can be difficult, but I don’t know how I could have made it anywhere, let alone this far and successfully so, without them.

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