Review: A Court of Wings & Ruin

4 Stars. This book would have gotten 5, had it not been for one major point and two other points-if only those I would have said 4.5 and rounded to that 5. This one was the best, by far, in the series for me.

What I LOVE:
There are characters in the book that grew and took on more of life, and that includes Rhys and Feyre. My Favorite character is Nesta. Not gonna lie, she’s my homegirl, my Dawg! Hahaha And Amren! Something in their ferocity speaks to me, and I cannot look away at the beauty of that, of their flaws. Lucien has always been a character I appreciated. The FIGHTING! OH I loved it, so much more action! Far less “ingredients” in this book, thankfully, and more characters brought into the fold. Tamlin-I still didn’t really like Tamlin, but there were, as before, characteristics I can, and do, appreciate about this character. What can be appreciated most is the intricate story that Maas has created with these books, even though I still found many points where it was expected that things would work out, and it was easy to follow in that way. That there were so many “outs” that were too convenient…but I read and loved it regardless. By this book Feyre has truly grown, and I Really Liked her personality. It took, it was painful, as growth often is, and she took risks.

What I did NOT Love:
Alright, here’s the rant-y part of this review. I said it for all the previous, I will repeat it here: These Books are NOT for Young Adult! These books-especially the second book-contain Graphic Sexual Content, even this one, though majority of the small amount was in the first half of the book. The CONTENT is the problem. I don’t care what the MC’s age is, the content, for me is a Major determining factor. I only want this book to be properly classified/categorized.
Now, for the two other points that impacted my considerations for this book. First, the only thing that makes this book appear young adult is the behavior of the characters, which also lends into the second point: behavioral patterns that Every character fell into. The immature behavior is “rude gestures” and everyone sticking out their tongues. E-ver-y-one. EVERYONE. These characters, especially side characters that are marginally older and supposed to be more respectable all act like bratty teens with the behavior. I felt this was lazy and sloppy on the author’s part, as though nobody would have any other defining patterns. All the men “drawling” when they spoke, things of these nature were disappointing. For such an elaborate story, why hold back on make the characters truly individual? There were many instances it was unnecessary, almost feeling like it was more about word count than the quality.

Now I digress. I have one last book to read, the most recently released A Court of Frost and Starlight. I would suggest these books to other Adults to read. I do love the strength of the bond between Rhys and Feyre, and hope to see what happens between the remaining characters of Lucien, Elain, Cassian, Nesta, and all the gang of the Court of Dreams.

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