Delivery & Cash, Anyone need a liver?

Sweet mercy. Alright. Both Snow & Blizzard are on IngramSpark, available to be ordered for Paperback. I’ll say this: I rather prefer Createspace’s dashboard. However, IngramSpark will get me to vendors who could sell my book in a physical store…perhaps Createspace had that, but I did not find anything so directly expressed as with IngramSpark-so I’ve signed up, paid with a part of my liver (you only need a shaved off portion), and am waiting for the healing process (sales) to occur. If it does. Yes, I am feeling pessimistic here, and nervous, and would Love for my books to be on physical shelves. I’ve signed up for the distribution list to the over 7k vendors who could possibly set my books on their shelves. Advertising, marketing, heck just getting the ISBN all costs money. Maybe I’ll become a prostitute, and write stories about this other life I would lead, where my name is “Bubbles Galore”. I’ll tell you all how I came up with that name another day-it’s actually just cute and funny, 99% clean.

Onward I go, working hard to make this work.


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