In this little life

There are so many things that can occur in a person’s life, and only so much one person can handle! My mother has scarlet fever, both my children have at least 1 virus-my son has 2, and the second is the worst, and I’ve been dealing with a root canal for over the last month that inflamed another, more delicate tooth. While that is just about under control now, I have at least today left to care for my son from home before returning to the office tomorrow. On top of it all, I decided as of Monday before last that joining would be a Great idea-don’t ask me why, dating in general is a great atrocity in our “modern” times-and feel all the possible insecurities of old, and many new. Not the best experience, truly.

In the meantime, my body has been fighting to get back to normal after two surgeries Friday before last, and I didn’t really get any set answers for all the problems I’m having. I can see it clearly, right now, that the problems I have they probably haven’t even been figured out. The medical community is constantly discovering new diseases, problems, issues, fixes that I’m just disappointed for now on no clear answers at the moment.

Now…two things on my plate that are vital to this year. First, for my current career, is getting my Certification in the SSYB (Six Sigma Yellow Belt). Yes, that does take priority, but I am holding off on my studies until October 1st, I just work better under a time constraint. Second, and this takes priority in my personal life (though you wouldn’t know it at the moment…), writing Hail. *slides hands down eyes to cheek and chin* Yes, I can write for the next month. I must…I have a lot of work to get through, but why-oh-why am I struggling so much? I feel this need to read more than write at the moment, and I keep looking the ACOTR book set I bought.

Oh, and somewhere I’m supposed to be able to resume exercising to work on losing weight, again. All these medications I have been taking removes that option, unless I desire to be a Safety Moment.

*Hint hint, nudge nudge, I don’t

I will suggest an improvement for, allow for modification of text Exactly where it’s at, not for entire Paragraphs. Seriously, the Font options here are a pain.

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