The Difficulty of Writing…

I understand, now, why it’s been so hard for me to work on writing this book, Hail. Beyond my health issues, those finally resolved and those to be, beyond work and family. It hurts, this part that I must write hurts my heart for my characters, and for myself. These are pulling from personal experiences and it means reliving these emotions and that…is difficult. Yet, it’s also therapeutic. What better to write than of those things which we ourselves have so keenly felt and experienced? I believe the best possible advice to ever give and receive is to write about what you know. Something that I discovered was that it does not have to be in the same context, as it was presented to me originally.

The thing to love about writing fantasy, or any fiction, is that you can write it in a way that can still be comprehended, can still touch your reader’s hearts, but in an environment of your own making. One that does not have to be exactly as you experienced, yet remain relatable. Writing those things which are most difficult can be beautiful and heart breaking, but those are the most important to write about, in my opinion. It is a hurdle I am working on overcoming, but I do pray it properly translates and my reader’s understand its intent. Personally, when I have read those stories that I have too closely related to, I have been most thankful for. Connection to other people, whether in this real life we live, or the fictional one we read/write is a powerful tool.

This means, at the end, that I am writing, FINALLY. I am making progress, and now feel and understand that I can make it through this part.

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