Spreading the Word!

Something I’m going to join in on is sharing my books to the public as much as possible. Specifically utilizing the Little Free Library! Hopefully this can help some of my fellow indie authors one way or another, follow this link Here! There is one in my neighborhood and plenty around my area, it’s a wonderful idea that I’m sure others have no doubt heard of, my son has borrowed a book that he truly enjoyed.

Anybody have thoughts they would like to share? Free marketing, you just deposit your books, and it doesn’t hurt to donate to keep the movement going _^!

2 thoughts on “Spreading the Word!

    • 😦 I love them here! It’s based on the honor system, so I don’t doubt some people are dishonorable. However, for me, it’s still getting my books out there! There are three close to where I live-close enough, that is-so I will be depositing my books at those!

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