A Great Day

That’s what today is: A Great Day! I got a 1 star review from an individual who’s chief complaint was that my book was a lot “grittier and bloodier” than they anticipated! I don’t know if I could ever feel happier about a 1 star review, let alone happy at all, but this did the trick :). I really appreciated that.

I also received some great news for one problem I have had, so today is a day worth celebrating. Years of struggling, testing, surgeries, and I’m clean and clear of this problem at this point. It’s wonderful, and I give thanks to God and to my doctor! While I have some other major issues, I am getting those addressed this week, and praying for quick resolution. Been in quite a lot of pain from this problem, so glad the week is finally here to see my specialist!

What’s making your day great? What Would make your day great?

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