New Adult Book Club & Progress

Plans have shifted, as they always do, but that’s no complaint! Snow has been bumped up to the RI&RI as of Today through New Adult Book Club :)! Is now posted Here! As always there is that nervous excitement, because you never know how people will react. In the meantime, I started tracking my progress of reading Blizzard. I need to be kept on track! With so much going on outside of needing to read Blizzard, write Hail, and prep it for publishing I’m surprised I’m still in one piece :S! At this pace I’m afraid I will not make my deadline, so this means DOUBLE-TIME! Hahaha Ahhh…yeah.

You know what I love in all this, reading my work after publishing? I capture all the things I have already so swiftly forgotten! It was the same with Snow, but the best part is getting caught up in the story and the characters -^_^-. Truth be told, I’m not sure just how large Hail will be…but I have the feeling it will be significantly larger than the first, and somewhat more robust than the second. I wonder if it’s not too much, but what good would holding back do at this point? Onward it is!


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