Encouragement & Frustration

Exhaustion, fatigue, disappointments, frustrations, and encouragement. All characteristics of life that spiral into the violent cyclone of life that both destroys and cleans the slate. The amount of health problems I have is ridiculous. Most is minor or simply inconvenient, some is threatening to break my bow. I wonder how other’s consistently manage to break through the worst of it, when all that is visible at times is the lightning strikes between the swelling waves. Yet, I’ve always managed to be an optimist and come out the other side, though on occasion a bit banged up. I make it through. Finding encouragement from within is difficult, even with people at the sidelines cheering you on. Dealing with situations, such as the recent Amazon problem I referenced, never seems to diminish the pile of laundry that grows. Every item taken down, folded, and tucked away neatly always means some other article will replace its wrinkled real estate in the basket.

The mental battles are the hardest, but the physical always brings the mental aspect on board. I’m so tired, all the time, unable to ever get enough sleep. Perhaps the problem is I was meant to be born a Koala? That would make sense. Can be cute and cuddly, or terrifying and vicious =^_^=. For unspeakable reasons this pleases me…

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I can’t seem to get myself in shape to do what it is required to write this last book. I’m reading my own book, and enjoying it when I have the time, but man…life. Kids, work, family, health, life. I can’t call them wrenches, each is a vital component to my structure, but I can point out some don’t always grease the wheels. Some are difficult pieces refusing to work well with the other functioning parts. This has been a regurgitation of my exhaustion and frustration. Lot’s “tions” there, but accurately described.


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