The Money Game

I cannot say how much out-of-pocket expenses traditionally published authors have to utilize to help move their books along-I would like to say none, but I have heard/read that often the authors still have to manage their own marketing, and I’m not sure if that is simply being present and interactive through social media accounts, etc., or by applying their own funds. As a self-published author, it’s a small fortune if you want to get everything managed professionally. I have paid from my own pockets the Editing, Formatting, Proof Reading, and Cover Design Fees just to prepare the books, and beyond that I have paid plenty more fees for Marketing & Advertising.

Here in this moment, I write this because I’m trying to figure out the best pace at which to provide giveaways through It’s not cheap, they have now set two standard package options, and while both are great opportunities, and I can understand Why they are charging for something that was previously free for one package, I grow weary of bleeding the money. The question arises…how frequently should this be done? Pacing advertisement takes time, consideration, and generally always funding. Aside from stripping naked and having people Pay me to put my clothes back on And buying my book(s), it costs money in the opposite direction I prefer to see it going to M&A.

This post isn’t just to complain, but to find some feedback from other Indie Authors, or even those published with an agent/publishing house. Here is my struggle, finding the right answer, or getting good feedback for a little guidance. I do my research, and it’s varying, which I assume I will get from other authors…but I ask for it nonetheless!

Good gracious. I need more sleep…been staying up late reading when I should be resting. *sigh* I throw myself at the mercy of those who have experience to share.


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