R&R, and more Reading…and Revision?

These last few months have proved to be a real trial in my life, pushing everything else to the back burner. From reading books I should have finished months ago, to really getting to writing my last book, Hail, it’s been frustrating. However, I’ve reached a good point where things are turning around. I will be finishing reading Loyalty by Carol Deeley THIS WEEK! I’m so excited for that, and can’t wait to share my review and rating.
**Side note…I need to start a thread specifically for book reviews. Not that I will necessary start a reviewing process to accept requests, but just as I go along I strongly believe it will be beneficial all around! …Though…I’m always open to learn of new works xD!

After I complete that I will read my book, Blizzard, before moving on to write Hail. I found reading the books I’ve written helps me to stay aligned with what has occurred. Funny thing, you can forget many details that you as a writer have incorporated into a story. The same thing occurred with Snow, and that was a short book in itself! Even before I published Snow I had considered working on expanding it – not a full rewrite,  but a basic plumping up and incorporating details and plot points I was afraid to do the first go around. I’m still on the fence, as on one end the way the book currently sits to the second reflects just how much growth has occurred, and that’s something I don’t want to lose. Yet, what good is there to leave something I feel is incomplete in nature?\

On another, I think it would be beneficial overall to be able to let loose the way I should have when I first wrote Snow. How many authors feel that way about their own written works? I know even the big-name authors have done with their own novels. The things that held me back were years of feedback that I allowed to hinder my creative process, fears and concerns that stunted my ability to create the story that I have born.

It’s food for thought. I may yet do it after I finish Hail, and incorporate a revised Map in Snow, and revised maps in Blizzard. All to come, all thoughts, ways to improve. I will, of course, have the originals in hand so one day I can review where I was and where I ended up. Now, that’s only for Snow. I feel no need to revise any part of Blizzard, honestly. Blizzard has been my most joyous work to date, that’s knowing I have written other full-length novels that have not been published, but wait for me to return and revise.

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