And so she writes…

It’s hard. It’s just simply hard to write lately. There has been so much to happen in the last Few months, especially the last month and a half, that I wonder if I even have it in me to write anymore. *Dramatic Exhale*

Still, I sat down and began writing today. It’s just not flowing how I would like, but I can go back and modify that. The point is: I’m doing it. I’m writing, because it needs to be done. I suppose sometimes it’s forging ahead, even when hurt and fear are screaming for you to stop. It’s not letting discouragement or the negativity-either within one’s own life or external-bury me at Least 6 feet under…even though it could definitely be the depth of the Earth’s core, in truth.

Being a writer, in any facet, takes a certain resilience, and while dealing with all this unfortunate life-stuff…I will meet my goal to release Hail by the end of this year/early next year. I want to release it by early December, if possible. Which means, based on my Very large outline, I need to get crackin’!

**Motivational memes below**

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