The Outline…

I have created the draft outline for Hail! It’s still an initial draft and I have a few tweaks to make, a few pieces to implement, but I have it <3! It may seem silly, but this is a major feat for how much I have struggled with what to do, whether to just begin writing or finish fleshing out the outline. The outline won, I tried just writing. This time around, I have had to create my outline. Next step: work out the details for how 4 characters to came to be in the overall story. Final step: determine which ending I will choose for the book…this may came at the end after I have written the majority. That’s how it worked with Blizzard. The story itself took over the air in my lungs, became my breath and vision. My deepest wish is that this will be the case with Hail, to experience that again. Because, I feel that is how the process should go, how writing should turn out.

Writing, when it flows, is just as breathing. I cannot live without it. It is the element my life has been missing for too terribly long, and to know now what it means to actually breathe, to live, how can anyone go back from this experience? Everything must come out of my mind that has been building, and there is so much to share! I of course hope and pray for wild success, if it’s deemed to be part of my life, but if others can enjoy what I produce, all the better.

While creating the outline is essential, I feel that ache to breathe again. It’s something my body craves, desires, requires! Bittersweet release that can be painful and beautiful, and I wonder what that very something is for other people.

Coming soon…Hail.


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