Blizzard: Reviews & Ratings, and the Creative Process

It feels so good to see just how much people have been Loving Blizzard! The praise makes me blush, and of course boosts my self-esteem to new, unknown heights. Mainly, it’s reading how the story has swallowed up the readers that gets to me the most. It means what I wrote has reached other individuals, they have seen what I envisioned and it has moved them. What-an-honor!

I know I certainly enjoyed writing Blizzard and, as things are semi-settling down in my personal life, the rumblings have picked back up for how and what I want to say and do in Hail! It’s such a strange experience, what I go through, figuring out what I want each book, each story to say and unfold. One of the biggest issues I have had is how to end Hail and the Black Ice Trilogy. I don’t want to leave my readers angry or feeling left out in the cold, but there will be some heartbreak. There will be decisions that cannot be altered, but execution has remained that empty, black hole where my ideas get sucked away, never to see the light again. Or…so I thought. That black hole is starting to close up, and I can see the bottom-gray though it may be. I have figured out Eliza and Zachariah, and Xavier. I have an idea about Helsing, and Neva and Thedryk. Reegan has a special fate, and I’m looking forward to writing about his outcome. Ideas for each and all come in these waves that swallow me up, roll me around and either thrust me out into the blinding, brilliant light of the sun, or drop me head first into the rocks at the cliffs edge. Either way, something of value comes out of the process!


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