Good morning, Lovelies! It’s been a while since I posted, and I wanted to share in why that is, exactly. I’ve had a lot of turmoil in my personal/family life over the last two weeks (and 10+ years) that has overtaken everything. The struggle has been real, but things seem to be leveling out a little. That being said, I want to touch on the importance of what caused the turmoil: Addiction.

Now, I’m writing about this because I believe it’s important to let other people know they are not alone in their struggles. Whether it is you yourself struggling, or a loved one who is suffering: You Are Not Alone! In my situation it’s a loved one, and it’s been going on for well over 10 years now. The biggest obstacle to overcome is the individual recognizing they have a problem, and then of course the next is accepting they need help, and getting said help. The heartbreak experienced by the addict, and the heartbreak caused by their impact on Everyone in their lives can be…well, overwhelming. Below I have a link that can give some guidance on how to work through the problems, how to deal, and where to find help.

For me, this situation compounded a level of stress that was already bogging me down. It’s kept me from writing, from functioning properly in my home life and work life to full efficiency. I’m getting help for these personal issues and to address the stress of the loved one, and if you have similar feelings/situations don’t be afraid to get the help you need. The resources are there and available, make time and take care of yourself. It’s OK to take care of yourself! As a single parent, I’ve struggled to simply make time to do this, but I’m making it happen because I know I need the relief.

The loved one I have that’s afflicted with addiction is working on getting help, and I am trying to keep my faith. That’s not easy when I’m so angry with God, right now. However, I am trying to maintain that because I have seen, and experienced, that God is present. Everything has always come together in the end in ways that are awe-inspiring for me. Yet, even if you don’t believe in God, there is support available for yourself, and for your loved one’s. There are options to help alleviate your stress, to help work through the problems that suffocate you. You are not alone, and you don’t have to bear all the responsibility, all the hurt, alone.

This is not easy to write about, it’s flat-out depressing to think about, but I hope that this gives someone a little light where they may be experiencing a consuming darkness.


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