The Possibilities and Unfortunate Truths

Everything contains the possibility for a plethora of actions and reactions. Yesterday, as I took care of my little lady while I kept her home-sick once more, poor thing 😦 -I came across an image that lead to several written articles and blogs that disturbed me. Of course it’s very possible, anything is truly possible when considering human capacity for both good and evil, that there would be indie authors who willingly and purposefully go out of their way to trash other indie authors, but…why? I don’t understand the mentality. Do people honestly believe that by trashing another author’s writing they will improve the chances readers will instead swarm to their books?

It’s so depressing to me, that someone can be that insecure they willingly tear down others to feel better about themselves. Now, I’m not saying that has happened to me, but just the realization that it is such a problem as to warrant the heavy discussions I have read up on. This is a two-part deal of insecurity and skill. You never know the combination, because I have seen people competent and capable but fearful of being shown up, so they have torn down others out of their instinct to survive. Others simply lack the talents all together, and others only lack the confidence. I have seen this in the corporate world, I still see it occurring and I know it will continue. Personally, the ability to empathize with these individuals is impossible. Your work will speak for itself. Always. Whether that is good, or bad, it comes out in the wash. The biggest aspect to remember is that, something I mentioned in a previous blog, there will be people who either love your work, or hate it. There will be those who things is good-ish/alright, but see room for improvement. You Cannot Please Everyone. Very simple reality.

Yes, it happens-is happening even now as I write this to God only knows how many people. Whatever the cause, I hope these twisted individuals learn their lesson sooner rather than later, because Karma is not kind.

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