Too Much, Not Enough, Or Just Right…

As reviews continue to trickle in for Snow I’m always humored by the variation of opinions. I have been told the world building has been perfect (considering the small size of the book), others that there was too much so that it distracted from story, or others that there was simply not enough and that it jumps head-long into the story. Mind you, there are others who say it takes too long to get to the story, that there isn’t enough, or that it’s just the right balance.

I recently received a review that would be viewed as “negative”, but I just kind of…let it go rather quickly. This is not meant to be dismissive-there were a few points I could see from the reviewers side, but part of the review reflected that this particular reviewer clearly skipped the first 30-50 pages of the book, otherwise how could they Not know the answers to the questions they were asking? On that point I leave it as I found it-not the brightest crayon in the box.

Point being here: there will always be three types of reader’s feelings: Too much, Not Enough, or Just right. With that I move forward, and I have my excitement building to see how readers feel about Blizzard. Though twice the size of Snow, it’s not the necessarily the size that counts, but the content. The sheer control the story itself took on as its own living entity, and over me, that leaves me in a breathless state of anticipation.

Will readers see what has come together, what thrived and what died? The necessities and the joys, the tears and heartache that had to be born in order for the rest to be brought to life? The wonder of what the readers will expect as the ending: will I meet their expectations, or fall short? The truth is I haven’t worked out the ending, but rather have Several endings. I will begin writing here on Hail very soon, and I believe it will sort itself out as I progress.

First, I will write the first half of Hail. In completing that major task I expect the rest to metastasize on its own. I can tell you this, Blizzard did not fully follow my outline and certainly did not end how I originally planned. It became something far grander. To me, at least. The storm is building in me, finally.

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