The Highs, the Lows, and the In-Betweens

The Highs:
Snow, my very first book ever published, I self published in July 2017
Blizzard, my second self published book, will be released May 6th, 2018
Hail will be underway shortly
I have the next trilogy planned, and plan to submit for traditional publishing

The Lows:
My daughter’s health
My workload at my day job-where is all this going?
My physical fitness (or lack thereof haha)
My mental health-stress from everything going on which reaches further/deeper into my life has a habit of building up and overwhelming me a few days every few weeks.

The In-Betweens:
I know things will get better

Yes, for the “in-betweens” there should have been more as inherently implied by the plural nature. The truth here is nothing is rainbows and unicorns, all writers have their dark corners, and mine are a variety of shades. I am thankful that I have the people in my life that I do to help me, support mentally and emotionally. Anyone who doesn’t have such immediately available, don’t be afraid to seek it out.

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