Snow, Blizzard, & Hail, Oh-My!

Writing these books has been one of the best experiences of my life-aside from becoming a parent. To this point, writing Blizzard has been my favorite as far as the writing experience has gone. With Snow I was far more reserved, rewriting several pieces, holding back because at one point someone said my writing was “too smart” so I reduced my writing, and I don’t mention that as any pat on the back for myself. It was something I now feel hindered my moving forward, especially with writing to the full extent I would have preferred for Snow.

Thus, with Blizzard, I let the process and story take over in a way I didn’t entirely do until I was near the end, and even then that was still muzzled. Blizzard flowed out of me, the story came together and intertwined as wisteria lacing its way up through my veins, reaching and blooming within my heart. It was a joyous process that I reveled in. Now I’m preparing to write out Hail, working on fleshing out the outline first. That, in itself, is a process that I am learning to adjust and grow within. The thought arises, will it be just as invigorating as writing Blizzard was? Will it be more? It’s a strange nervous reaction, uncertain of how different this experience will grow me as a writer.

Looking forward, I am equal parts anxious in writing the final book for the Black Ice Trilogy itself, but have such exuberance for beginning the Three Kings series/trilogy! Ideas, scenarios, and situations have flooded my mind after having finished my certification exam and passing, and I did not capture them. While I feel that is a tragedy, there are plenty more ideas that will spring forth. Time to rest…I was supposed to have gone to bed hours ago, early.

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